Prince Harry abandoned one of his British patronages & pearls are being clutched!

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I honestly don’t keep up with which royal is the patron of whatever charity. Every time I’m writing up one of those stories, I have to look back at our previous coverage or research it on other sites. But I feel reasonably safe in saying that Prince Harry hasn’t done much work with one of his patronages in years. That patronage? Map Action, a charity (?) which gives data (?) to responders in humanitarian crises. I had no memory of Harry even working with Map Action, but he did events with the group in Norway and London in 2016, and he attended a gala-reception for the group in 2013. It… probably didn’t bode well for Harry’s involvement in Map Action that he hadn’t actually been involved or done an event with them since ‘16. But now it’s been formalized: Harry has dropped this patronage. Pearls are being clutched!

Prince Harry has quietly quit one of his charity ­patronages – despite vowing he would honour them after stepping back from royal life. The Duke of Sussex, 35, had a 12-year relationship with Oxfordshire-based Map Action, which gives data to responders in international humanitarian crises.

Map Action said: “The Duke is no longer a patron after we reached the end of a second five-year cycle of patronage midway through 2019. Map Action is grateful to have had him as royal patron for our formative years.”

But the charity did not explain why Harry remained on its website until earlier this month. And Map Action was still listed among 14 patronages on the Sussex Royal site he set up with wife Meghan.

A palace insider said: “It’ll be worrying for others hoping the Sussexes will not abandon their charities.”

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One, Map Action sounds like the kind of thing William and Kate would be keen for, so perhaps the Future King and Queen should ride in and save the day? I mean, they are doing so much already, surely they can manage Harry’s schedule for Map Action, roughly one event every two years? Two, I mean, there’s really no way to justify it – it’s a sh-tty thing to do to leave your patronage. The only thing I’ll say in Harry’s favor is that it sounds like he still stayed “attached” to Map Action for a year after his five-year cycle ended just so he wouldn’t leave them all in the lurch. My guess is that the one year “extra” was his version of a graceful exit.

Besides, it’s not like Harry did such a sh-tty job that the charity is now closing. Which is what happened to the Duchess of Cambridge’s patronage with The Art Room, which has had to close down from lack of funding.

God, Harry looked crazy-hot at this 2016 Map Action event. He was just months away from pouring all of this ginger thunder onto a beautiful American actress!

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