Princess Kates landmark symposium speech was just the Early Years are important

I know this will shock you, but did you know that the Princess of Wales’s so-called “landmark speech” at her “national symposium” was just another speech about how the Early Years are important? This woman has no plan, no initiative, no campaign, no goals, no fundraiser, no financial grant, no meaningful or impactful organization to actually change a g–damn thing. All she has is keen busywork and a word salad about the importance of Early Years. Behold!

As I said before, they set her up to fail. They wasted a lot of people’s time too, but my hope is that the silver lining here is that actual early-childhood development specialists had a chance to meet during the symposium and that some work got done away from the palace keenery. But yeah, this is embarrassing. They really just sent her out in a pantsuit and gave her another speech in which she said, for the millionth time, that the Early Years are important and more people need to know that.

The Princess of Wales has called for “action at every level” to help to rebalance and restore society’s social and emotional skills as her early childhood foundation released new research on the issue. In a keynote speech at a symposium convened by Kate to discuss the findings, the future Queen said the skills were the “human wiring we need”.

She stressed the importance of the early years development of children and said those she had met at a “crisis point” in their lives had said for others to avoid their journey, a safe and loving childhood was needed.

Kate’s Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood Kensington Palace has conducted a global listening exercise, involving experts from 21 countries, with the results described as “almost a manifesto for social and emotional skills”, by the centre’s director Christian Guy.

Speaking at London’s Design Museum, which hosted the event, Kate said: “Nurturing skills that enable us to know ourselves, manage our emotions, focus our thoughts, communicate with others, foster positive relationships, and explore the world are just as valuable to our long-term success as reading, writing or arithmetic. These skills are the bedrock, not only for helping children to thrive, but also for restoring, protecting and investing in humankind. So, to rebalance and restore, calls for new thinking and action at every level. Because the future for our children is something we all build together; through the actions each of us takes every day.”

[From The Evening Standard]

Instead of actually doing or saying something substantive or developing an actual plan or setting a tangible goal, this woman has spent the past SIX YEARS developing what amounts to a vague mission statement. I’m really disgusted when I think all of the time, energy, money and access gets wasted here, all because Kate wants to pretend to be a big, important girl reading a landmark school report. Kate is almost 42 years old. The fact that she really thinks she’s doing something here is a tragedy.

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