Quarantine Led to Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's Breakup, Source Claims

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie began dating in 2017 after the former parted ways with his long-term girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian. However, these days, it seems Disick and Richie’s relationship is now on the rocks. Speculations continue to surround their alleged breakup, and a source recently shared that the coronavirus (COVID-19) could be to blame for the breakdown of their relationship.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’srelationship has attracted much criticism from fans

From the beginning, Disick and Richie’s romance has been a source of criticism for many fans. The biggest concern seems to be the couple’s large age gap. Disick was born in 1983, while Richie was born in 1998. This means there is about 15 years in between them, and Richie is actually closer in age to Disick’s two oldest children – Mason (b. 2009) and Penelope (b. 2012) – than she is to him.

However, it does not seem like Richie was ever bothered byit. In an interview with Cosmopolitan,she shared that she is “happy” and that she also has “this weird thing where Ijust don’t care what people think.”

Additionally, Richie’s famous father, Lionel Richie, doesnot seem to have a problem with his daughter’s relationship either. In fact,Lionel and Richie’s mother, Diane Alexander, has an 18-yearage gap between them. The couple was first linked together in 1988, when hewas 38 and she was 22.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richiedecided to take a break when he went to rehab

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In late April, fans began suspecting that Disick and Richie’s relationship was being tested when Disick briefly checked himself into rehab. For years now, Disick has been struggling with emotional “traumas” from the sudden death of his parents, according to his lawyer, Marty Singer.

Meanwhile, a source who spoke to E! News said Richie became concerned when Disick’s behavior reportedly changed and “how out of control he became very quickly.” She let Kardashian know about it, and the two ladies urged Disick to get help.

Source says quarantine also played a role in Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s breakup

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Recently, an insider also told Hollywood Life the pandemic played a role in the breakdown of Disick and Richie’s relationship. The couple were self-isolating together at their home in Southern California, though the source claimed that the fact that they were forced to be in close proximity was taking a toll on their romance.

“There’s just a certain amount one person can take and Sofiareached various tipping points throughout her time with Scott that made thingsworse,” the source said. “They’ve always found their way back to each other,but for now, things are strained to say the least.”

The insider continued to explain more about their quarantinestruggles, saying: “Scott would get on her nerves very easily by rolling hiseyes about anything she would bring up, he was never agreeing with her onsimple things, like what to eat or what to watch. Everything just continued tostack up, and it just became another thing to be bothered with.”

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