Reginae Carter Clarifies Controversial ‘Famous’ Comments About Ex-YFN Lucci

Despite her clarification during an Instagram Live, some fans don’t seem to buy the Instagram model’s explanation as one of them insists, ‘GIRL BYE YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID.’

AceShowbizReginae Carter doesn’t want smoke with ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci. The daughter of Lil Wayne previously made controversial comments in which she alluded that she was the one who made Lucci famous. Reginae, however, has now clarified her remarks.

“I don’t know if they heard me wrong or something, I don’t know, or if they’re trying to start something, but I don’t want no beef,” she said during an Instagram Live broadcast on Wednesday, May 13. She was referring to her comments in an interview about “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” with Page Six, to which she said, “I’m not bringing no dudes on the show, I’m not making nobody famous. I’m not putting nobody on no more.”

Back to the livestream, Reginae went on explaining, “This is not gonna be no ugly breakup. He doing him, I’m doing me. I never claimed anybody’s fame. I never said anything like that. I just wanted to make that clear. It was a big misunderstanding. [I just meant] I’m not bringing anybody on TV with me again.”

Fans, however didn’t buy her explanation. “GIRL BYE YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID,” someone wrote on Instagram. Another sarcastically chimed in, “She ain’t make nobody famous, we only know her bcuz of weezy.”

“You didn’t make lucci famous. If anything he made you more popular,” a naysayer added. Meanwhile, a fan believed that she said so because she wanted Lucci’s attention, saying, “She was pressed to correct em girl you just wanna keep talking bout that man.”

While others were trolling Reginae, a couple of fans jumped to her defense. “Y’all hate her for no reason, idk if it’s jealousy or y’all just real bitter,” one fan commented. Another comment read, “Well she’s the reason I know who YFNCoochie is, so…. leave her alone.”

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