Rep. Jim Clyburn Says 2 Black Women Inspired His Support for Joe Biden

Congressman Jim Clyburn‘s widely credited with saving Joe Biden‘s Presidential campaign, but he says Joe shouldn’t thank him … the credit goes to 2 Black women who inspired him.

The distinguished gentleman from South Carolina joined “TMZ Live” Tuesday to shed some light on his decision to throw major support behind Biden leading up to the SC primary, which proved pivotal in Joe landing the Democratic nomination.

Clyburn tells us he was already a Biden fan, but he decided to go all out for him to honor his late wife, Emily … who passed in September 2019. The congressman says his wife absolutely loved Joe, and she made him promise her he’d commit to helping Biden get the nom.

The other Black woman who persuaded Clyburn is anonymous, but his interaction with her was so impactful … he attributes it to his game-changing endorsement of Biden. The rest, as they say … is history.

Of course, this all led to Biden becoming President-elect, and Rep. Clyburn seems pretty confident nothing’s going to change that … despite President Trump‘s efforts.

In fact, Jim seems fed up with all the Trump talk since the election, and reminds us the sitting Prez is just one individual — one the congressman would like to see put in his place. As he’s told us before, if Trump won’t leave quietly … he believes the military will make him.

Finally, on the topic of Georgia and its uber-important Senate races … Jim has an interesting take on how they could affect Biden’s presidency and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Hear him out … sounds like Georgia is very much on his mind.

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