Sally Lindsay slams fellow Coronation Street stars who ‘think it’s all about being famous’

Sally Lindsay: I'd never say never to Coronation Street return

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Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay, 48, has hit out at some of the hit ITV soap actors over their approach to fame. Speaking on the White Wine Question Time podcast, the actress reflected on fame and how criticism in her early acting days affected her.

She said: “A lot of people, when they join Coronation Street, think it’s all about being famous and… going to awards and that’s it, you’re made.

“And you’re not. You’re really not.”

The TV star also recalled being body-shamed by a journalist – something that made her think about the way she looked.

Sally said: “I remember when I was first behind that [Rovers] bar and there was a journalist.

“I probably shouldn’t say who it was, I don’t know if he works any more.

“And he wrote an article in a well-known newspaper saying, ‘How can they put this fat, ugly woman in such a glamorous role?’

“I was 26, very vulnerable, didn’t know anything about the industry at all.”

The actress continued: “I read it and I couldn’t get my head round it.

“I’d never even thought about my weight before then.”

Sally joined the cast of Coronation Street as Shelley Unwin in 2001.

She left Coronation Street in 2006 after her character got a new job at a country club in the Peak District.

The former Corrie star then went on to appear in a number of different shows including Channel 5 drama Intruder.

Sally recently replaced presenter Warwick Davis on ITV quiz show Tenable, which she also opened up on during the candid interview,

She explained she faced criticism over her ability to host the show while being an actress.

Sally said: “You know… you’ve got someone like Bradley Walsh, who does everything, and everyone goes, ‘Oh, that’s amazing!”

“If you do it, they’re like, ‘Aren’t you an actor though?’ Yeah, yeah, I am, I’m a really good one, but I can do that as well.”

About Sally presenting the show, Warwick previously told “Sally stepped in and helped out now because I’m working on another project I can’t talk about at the moment.

“Sally helped out and stepped in recording half the series.

“It’s great because people love Tenable, the very nature of it and it was lovely to know they miss me presenting the show.

“I think Sally did a terrific job, although her puns aren’t quite as bad as mine.”

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