Scarface Relies on Dialysis Treatment After Near-Fatal Coronavirus Complications

In a Zoom video chat with old bandmate Willie D, the former Geto Boys star admits he is glad to be alive after being admitted to the hospital twice with double pneumonia and kidney failure.

AceShowbiz -Rap veteran Scarface is undergoing dialysis treatment after near-fatal coronavirus complications left him with kidney failure.

The former Geto Boys star, real name Brad Jordan, went public with his health battle in late March, revealing he had twice been admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and kidney failure before testing positive for COVID-19.

Scarface has since shared an update with his old bandmate Willie D, explaining he was only discharged from medical care on 20 April after coming within “inches” of death.

“I’m glad to be alive,” he confessed in a recent Zoom video chat, uploaded to YouTube.

Scarface claimed he had no kidney issues prior to contracting COVID-19, but now he is reliant on the dialysis machine to help keep him alive: “That’s my new lifeline,” he shared as he showed his pal the port.

“I gotta change my entire diet, I gotta do dialysis four days a week, three hours a day. That’s taking all my blood out, cleaning it and putting it back in my body.”

The 49-year-old admits the coronavirus symptoms really left him struggling, and caused him to lose “probably 30 pounds”.

“I couldn’t keep food down, I couldn’t get comfortable, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stay woke (sic), I could not breathe,” he recalled. “It was the worst time of my life.”

“Hanging on that string of death makes you really appreciate life,” Scarface added. “I was inches away from death.”

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