Secrets Behind The Scenes Of Netflix’s Viral Sensation Too Hot To Handle — Including Cameras In

What would we do without Netflix during quarantine???

The streaming giant dropped a new reality show this weekend, and folks trapped in lockdown are eating it up! Too Hot To Handle is currently trending as #2 on Netflix’s most-streamed list, even surpassing former quarantine favorite Tiger King

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If you’re one of the many binging on island exploits this weekend, we have some behind the scenes secrets to help fill your craving for Hotness!


The contestants weren’t paid for their appearance on the show

Speaking to the Hollywood Raw podcast, Bryce Hirschberg revealed that the cast wasn’t actually paid for being part of the show. He said:

“No fee, the way they pitched it was, oh Bryce, you’re going to make a ton of money after this anyway. You’re gonna get a ton of exposure, it’ll be fine for ya. I’m not really going for money anyway, I’m going for the experience…”

Hidden cameras were everywhere… even in the bathrooms

A big part of the show is making sure the contestants have absolutely no sexual contact — even masturabation. So how did the show make sure no one was sneaking off to take care of things themselves? Bryce said they were watched at all times.

“ were cameras everywhere, even in the bathrooms, but before you get too assuming, it was just CCTV, it was not for broadcast the ones in the toilets.  It was just to make sure that you weren’t doing that.”

He described the situation as “very awkward,” with cameras capturing the cast on the toilet and in the shower. He continued:

“So hidden cameras everywhere right, and they rotate and catch everybody when they’re doing stuff. If you’re in the shower for more than five minutes you can see the camera and start looking at you. Like what’s he doing?”

There was a hard limit on alcohol consumption

Unlike many other reality shows where it seems like the end goal is to get completely sloshed, drinking on the island was actually very strict. But Bryce said that part was actually for the contestants’ own good:

“They limited us to two drinks a night, and they had to give them to you. So they were very much, believe it or not, looking out for us during this whole thing. They didn’t want us to look bad.”

Because there was no lifeguard present, the contestants weren’t allowed to swim in the ocean, either. Safety first!

The producers would sometimes manipulate the contestants to get to the “end goal”

This might not be a surprise for veteran reality viewers, but Harry Jowsey revealed that the producers were a little more involved then we see onscreen. He told Cosmopolitan

“In these situations if they know that you’ve got a problem or you need to have a chat with someone, they’ll just point you in the right direction to get a result, or to get that conversation happening and get to the end goal. “They’re not forcing you to say or do anything you don’t want to. They just kind of help nudge you in the correct direction.”

The cast ate like kings!

If the previous behind the scenes secrets make being on the show sound less than appealing, the dining setup may change your mind. In fact, according to Bryce, the food may have been the best part! He recalled:

“Five-star chef, 3 square meals a day. When I’m talking five-star… lunch was choice fish catch of the day, prime cut of whatever steak you want, vegan options, lobster tails. SPOILED. I’ve never ate that good in my life.” 

Nicole O’Brien, speaking with Collider, agreed:

“We had these personal chefs who cooked us whatever we wanted for breakfast, lunch, dinner. So for breakfast, we would have huge fry-ups, french toast, pancakes. So we’d wake up at around eight o’clock. We’d all get ready, and then lunch would be just steak. We had steak all the time. Same with dinner, lovely chicken. It was amazing.”

Sounds delectable!

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