Shawn Mendes Covers Justin Bieber’s Hit Peaches In New TikTok – WATCH!

Shawn Mendes is obsessed with Justin Bieber’s hit Peaches.

On Tuesday, the 22-year-old artist took to TikTok to post an a cappella cover of Bieber’s song. In the video, Mendes crooned out the chorus while only using his finger to snap to the beat. Ch-ch-check out Shawn’s take on Peaches (below):

♬ original sound – Shawn


Of course, fans immediately became obsessed with the now-viral clip. In less than a day, it reached nearly 1 million likes. Impressive!

Now, Shawn and Justin are no strangers as the two teamed up before on Monster, which they released back in November. In an interview with VMAN Magazine, Shawn explained how the collaboration came to be, saying:

“I called Justin and said, ‘I have this song, and it means a lot to me. If it means something seriously to you and you want to put something very real on it, please be a part of this with me. Since then, we have become closer than ever. Sometimes I think that music comes along for a bigger reason, which, for me in this case is to create a song to inspire people, but to also create a friendship that was never there before.”

The two have definitely come a long way in the friendship department! Who knew that after Justin dissed Shawn about not knowing him in 2015 they would be so close now! Oh, and the minor detail that they’ve both dated Hailey Baldwin (AKA Hailey Bieber).

Perhaps we will see a remix of a number from Justin’s album in the future? It sure seems like fans wouldn’t be opposed to it! What did U think of Shawn’s cover, guys? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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