Steph McGovern apologises for ‘self-indulgence’ as she appears in bus stop ads ‘Stuff it!’

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Steph McGovern, 38, shared a vivid photo of herself on an electronic billboard at a bus shelter for her new Channel 4 programme Steph’s Packed Lunch. The former BBC Breakfast presenter was overcome with excitement at seeing her image plastered on a video screen in Durham, but half-apologised for the self-indulgence of the post.

Steph typed: “The latest bus stop+billboard ads for @PackedLunchC4 are out.

“If you see one I’d love you to send me a pic.

“Thanks to @richardsalkeld for this one from his mam in Durham.”

 She added: “Soz if this is a bit self-indulgent, but stuff it, it’s dead exciting to be on a bus stop!”

Underneath fans shared their delight at the new images of Steph that had popped up around the UK.

One said: “You were on the electronic billboards in the Metrocentre before lockdown. Now that’s when you know you’ve made it!” 

Another replied: “I spotted you in town the other day. Had I known, I’d have taken a pic.”

A third responded: “I’ve seen you today, next time I’m at the bus stop, will get a selfie with you!”

In the new promo shots for the programme, Steph looks radiant in high-waisted red trousers and a red heart print blouse.

Recently the star reflected on leaving BBC Breakfast to front her own show over on Channel 4.

Steph admitted that working on her previous early morning programme was a “killer” as she got up at 3.30am each morning to prepare for the 6am starts.

The TV presenter said she would often “live out of a suitcase” while travelling around the country filming, and eventually decided she was ready to quit the programme to focus on spending more time at home.

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Steph was asked by famed comedian Suzi Ruffell on her podcast what time she would usually wake up to begin filming early morning show BBC Breakfast.

Steph responded: “Like half three, as a comedian, you will see the other end of that, so at half three you will be finishing when I’m starting!”

Suzi said: “Yeah getting in from a tour show, if you have got something the next day and you have got to be in town for it, you have got to be in London and you’re in Hull, you just sort of get in the car and drive down. It’s totally different working hours.”

Steph continued: “It’s funny the sights you see because you do see people hammered when you’re around at that time, but equally you finish really early. 

“So sometimes I would be done by half nine and be home for ten in my PJs back in bed. So I mean I loved it, it was brilliant but it definitely was a killer, because I did that job for eight years. 

“I spent most of my time travelling around the country. So I was forever living in hotels, and then getting up in the middle of the night and I just thought, ‘I love that programme but I’ve had enough now’.”

However, Steph shared that there was an upside to filming live television, in that sometimes things could “go wrong” and create hilarious on-screen moments for viewers.

She divulged: “The thing about live tele is I love it when things go wrong, not horrendous things obviously, but I remember once I was broadcasting from this shopping centre and this woman with her little neon bobble hat just kept following me around and standing in the background.”

Steph’s Packed Lunch airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 12.30pm 

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