Stephen Amell Shares His Thoughts on Another Actor Playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow In Future DC Projects

Stephen Amell is opening up about the future possibilities of his Arrow character in the new DCU.

The actor of course portrayed Oliver Queen / Green Arrow for about 10 years on The CW, starring in his own show Arrow, with several appearances on other Arrowverse shows, including the most recent final season of The Flash.

Now that the Arrowverse has officially come to an end, Stephen was asked about the someone else possibly bringing the character to life in the upcoming new DC Universe, which will spread throughout television and movies.

Check out what he said inside…

“I am a custodian for Oliver Queen, and [Grant Gustin] is a custodian for Barry Allen in the same way that… look, I don’t think anyone’s asking Tom Welling how he feels about who’s going to play the new Superman,” Stephen recently shared, as shared by “Now, I get the proximity and stuff like that, but there will be another Oliver Queen. There will and it’ll be new and cool and exciting and however much the internet hates it is probably a direct indication as to how good it’s going to be.”

“You’ve got to remember that these people aren’t picked at random. Very, very smart people think long and hard about how they’re going to go about this, and I’m sure that whoever they pick, if in fact they do, maybe they don’t care about the character, I don’t know, will do an amazing job,” he added.

Stephen has previously expressed interest in returning to play Oliver/Arrow in a limited series or movie type of project.

Speaking of Superman, did you see who has been the latest actor rumored to be in the running to be the next Superman?

In October 2022, Stephen looked back on the 10th anniversary of Arrow.

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