Take a Look Back at the First Photos of Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Together

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were discovered to be dating for a few weeks after they were photographed holding hands at his manager’s wedding, and now, we’re looking back at some of the first photos we have of the pair!

These photos are the very first photos of the 36-year-old actress/director and 26-year-old singer that we have access to. They were taken on November 3, 2020, on the set of their film Don’t Worry Darling in Los Angeles. From the photos, it looks like Harry is visiting Olivia at her trailer and she later emerges beaming.

Olivia and Harry are both starring in the upcoming thriller, which Olivia is also directing. If you don’t know, Harry‘s role in the movie actually originally belonged to another actor who was later fired.

Olivia and her longtime partner Jason Sudeikis broke up a few months ago and a source actually revealed why they split up. They were photographed sharing an embrace in December.

Check out the very first photos of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde together…

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