Taylor Swift Slams Karlie Kloss & Scott Borchetta On Evermore Bonus Tracks!

Taylor Swift may be done with her marathon music releases for a while, but there are still more lyrics to decipher.

Her most recent album, Evermore, features two bonus tracks you can only hear if you get your hands on a physical copy of the album. But Swifties being Swifties, the lyrics were leaked once fans began to receive the album booklet with their CDs. And Taylor being Taylor, those lyrics are scathing.

There were some clear references to Tay’s nemeses Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun on folklore and evermore, and that trend is seemingly continued on the new songs. Her sleuthing followers have also speculated that some of the tunes on the sister albums may have been about the 31-year-old’s ex-BFF, Karlie Kloss — but the KK Easter eggs were never so obvious as they are on right where you left me and it’s time to go.

The first track, right where you left me, sees the song’s narrator stuck at a restaurant, frozen by heartbreak and left stranded by a loved one as time moves on around her. The song begins:

“Friends break up, friends get married / Strangers get born, strangers get buried”

These lyrics are meant to convey the passage of time, but we think it may be significant that the first line indicates a friend breakup… isn’t ending a friendship sometimes just as painful as ending a romantic relationship? “Friends get married” feels significant too, especially when the songwriter’s absence at the model’s wedding to Joshua Kushner was sort of the nail in the coffin of their public friendship.

Finally, there’s “strangers get born” — the former besties probably never imagined that they’d be estranged when Karlie was pregnant with her first child. Of course, she didn’t announce her pregnancy until November, so it’s possible the Grammy winner didn’t know about it yet when she wrote this line. (But she only added happiness to the tracklist a week before the album release, so it’s possible she did.)

Some Taylor/Karlie shippers made connections to the narrator’s restaurant fantasies, too (see HERE)!

But the song doesn’t stop at the end of Kaylor…

Possibly hinting at what it would have been like if she stayed at Scott Borchetta‘s Big Machine Records long enough to “earn” the masters to her first six albums one by one, as she claimed. The star, who was 23 when her last “country” album Red was released, croons how Borchetta might have wanted her to stay “frozen” in that era, writing up breakups:

“Did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen? / Time went on for everybody else / She won’t know it, she’s still twenty-three inside her fantasy / How it was supposed to be / Did you hear about the girl who lives in delusion? / Breakups happen every day you don’t have to lose it / She’s still twenty-three inside her fantasy / And you’re sitting in front of me”

Swift later continues, making what sounds like a cryptic reference to Scooter Braun as the “someone” Scott met (below):

“At the restaurant when I was still the one you want / Cross-legged in the dim light everything was just right / I, I could feel the mascara run / You told me that you met someone”

She even ends the track possibly hinting at how Scott would have liked to keep her on the label “forever”:

“I’m right where / You left me / You left me no, you left me no /You left me no choice but to stay here forever”

Eesh! Anyone else getting chills??

Back to her second bonus track, it’s time to go, there’s more explicit shade, this time aimed at Karlie again. The track opens with someone getting ready to leave a restaurant, as if the narrator of the previous song is finally ready to move on. But she still gets some good jabs in on her way out, like these lyrics:

“When the words of a sister come back in whispers / That prove she was not / In fact that she seemed, not a twin from your dreams / She’s a crook who was caught”


This one’s a doozy! We knew this breakup was hard, but calling the Project Runway host a “crook” is next level, don’t you think?? (Does this remind anyone else of, “Not even for dinner with the Kushners?”) We’re curious to know what Tay “caught” her doing, but considering Karlie’s manager is none other than Scooter, we have our suspicions.

Just peep our insider intel on the whole situation (below)!

Later in the tune, the artist turns her attention to her former record label in a scorching takedown of Borchetta. The song suggests some of the behind the scenes drama that went down before Taylor decided to leave Big Machine Records. (ICYMI, Taylor’s version of the story was that Scott didn’t give her a fair chance to own her own music.) She sings:

“Fifteen years, fifteen million tears / Begging ’til my knees bleed / I gave it my all, he gave me nothing at all / Then wondered why I left / Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones / Praying to his greed / He’s got my past frozen behind glass / But I’ve got me”

On the chorus, the lyrics explain her difficult decision to leave her masters behind with Scott (and probably to end her friendship with Karlie, too):

“Sometimes giving up is the strong thing / Sometimes to run is the brave thing / Sometimes walking out is the one thing / That will find you the right thing”

Well, Taylor definitely found the right thing in her post-BMR ear — she’s written three albums in less than two years, and it’s some of the most prolific, critically-acclaimed work in her entire career. And as always, we’re happy to help rub that success in the face of the people that did her wrong!

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