‘Teen Mom 2’ Alum Jenelle Evans Hits Back at Critic Slamming Her for Mocking Stepdaughter

In a new YouTube video, Jenelle talks about Maryssa, who is a daughter of Jenelle’s husband David Eason from his past relationship, testifying against them in court after she temporarily lost her custody of her children.

AceShowbiz -It’s another day, another controversy for Jenelle Evans. The former “Teen Mom 2” star landed in hot water for making fun of her stepdaughter Maryssa in the fifth episode of her YouTube series “I Have Something To Say Friday”. Now, she has defended herself following the backlash.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, October 7, Jenelle addressed the matter, writing, “Made fun of her for lying on stand to a judge infront of 7 lawyers? Those are facts.” She went on saying, “The next video I post will explain this.. but I don’t have videos or pics of her on there. I have showed Maryssa these videos before they are posted. Keep being mad but Maryssa is just fine.”

Later, she went on saying that the video was taken more than a year ago. “That last video YouTube I posted was an old video from June 2019 before our case was dismissed and over with. We thought she hated us at the time but we realize that it was her being confused. Like I said.. my next and last video will explain this,” the MTV personality claimed.

Concluding her message, the mother of two shared, “Also… I didn’t HAVE to post any of that but I am honestly sharing so everyone has insight how we were feeling at that given moment. We were frustrated parents at the time. I could have cut that entire part out.. but I didn’t.”

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Imitating her stepdaughter, Jenelle added, “I just want to go to normal school – I just want to go to my old school.” She continued, “So it’s like she’s doing all this and testifying against us and saying all these bad things just cause she wants to go to her old school.”

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