Terry Dubrow Boasts Making $2.3Million in Ten Days Off Hand Sanitizer Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Hawking his pricey hand sanitizer on TV, the “Botched” star claimed to have sold 80,000 in a week and a half.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Americans hard… but not all Americans.

Terry Dubrow revealed this week that he’s done quite well, shifting at least $2.3million worth of his expensive hand sanitizer in the past week and a half alone.

The "Botched" doctor appeared on ShopHQ on Wednesday to hawk his Consult Health Persistence Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer, which for a two-pack of 3oz bottles, could be snapped up for the low low price of $28.95.

As the shopping channel host Lynne Schacher pointed out before introducing him, all of their hand sanitizers had completely sold out — but viewers were in luck. There was exactly 400 sets of the reality star’s exclusive product available, but she warned they wouldn’t last beyond the hour.

And unlike those other stores putting limits on the number of scarce medical supplies, she boasted that ShopHQ would allow a single person to grab all remaining 400 packs, should they so wish.

Cutting to Dr Dubrow at his personal home gym in Los Angeles, the reality star had a few other hot COVID-19 items to sell, including a UV hand sanitizer that also served as a phone charger, as well as an aromatherapy device.

Switching to his hand sanitizer, the cosmetic surgeon insisted it wasn’t like other alcohol-based rivals; his was "composed of a very special ingredient based on the technology we use in the operating room" that provides four hours of protection.

"In the last week and a half we have sold over 80,000 of these," he proudly exclaimed, which at ShopHQ’s rock bottom prices, equated to $2.3million in sales.

And that’s only at the channel’s "monthly deal" rate; at their normal ShopHQ price of $44, he would have netted closer to $3.5million.

"This is the last 400, so you can get all 400, but then that’s it, we are out of these hand sanitizer sprays," he warned viewers before tossing back to Lynn. "So go start shopping with us."

"Dr Dubrow, I think you just encapsulated what this hour is all about, it is super-duper hot, everyone is tuning in now today to see how can I live my best life," Lynn concluded the incredibly tone deaf segment.

Some took to Twitter to accuse the multi-millionaire and the network of price gouging; but the doctor’s wife, "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Heather Dubrow, refuted this.

"We’ve already donated thousands… to people working on the front line of this pandemic," she told Page Six, claiming they had already donated $35,000 to California’s Second Harvest Food Bank.

"And we’re giving a portion of the proceeds of our sanitizer to food banks — there are kids who are not getting anything to eat — and to health-care professionals."

Alas the ShopHQ did not mention anything about proceeds going to charity.

Terry meanwhile defended the high price of the product.

"…it’s the same technology we used in the room where we prep patients," he said, adding that the ingredients are currently "impossible to find" and "three times the normal cost… We’ve scorched the Earth looking for them."

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