The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were Bingo-callers for Welsh seniors

One of the first things I’m going to do when I get old is “get really into Bingo.” Bingo is so much fun! I can’t wait. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge think Bingo is fun too, and that’s why they were keen to be the Bingo callers – via Zoom – for seniors at the Shire Hall Care in Cardiff. They thanked the care workers at the nursing home, which is part of the larger “Thank You Care Workers” movement in the UK. Then Kate and William used their Bingo ball machine to call out the balls for a round of Bingo. Question: did Will and Kate already have the ball machine in their home, were they sent a machine or did they order it themselves?

“Six and two, tickety boo” cracked me up. Did that kind of Bingo slang come naturally to the Keens?

In case you’re wondering about Kate’s fashion, she did a rewear for this video. This was the LK Bennett “Madison” dress she wore to the polo game last year. The same event where she mostly ignored Meghan and Archie. I also saw some people questioning the multitude of Kate’s dresses while she’s on lockdown at Anmer Hall. Personally, I think Kate has probably warehoused her clothes at a secondary location for a while, I can’t imagine that she keeps her entire wardrobe housed in closets in Anmer and Kensington Palace. So is she pulling looks out of a warehouse, or does she have some kind of on-site closet complex at Anmer?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace and Getty.

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