The Kardashians Cope with Coronavirus Self-Isolation in New 'KUWTK' Super Trailer

Production on most reality television shows (including The Bachelorette) have shut down due to the coronavirus, but Keeping Up with the Kardashians has continued filming at home thanks to cell phones and Zoom.

In a super teaser for the rest of the season, KUWTK gave fans a glimpse at how America’s First Reality Family handled the onset of the ongoing pandemic. Not only do we see Kim say “The White House said that the coronavirus is serious,” we get footage of the fam in masks, Scott Disick says he’s “starting to get a little stir crazy,” and Kris stares out a window as Los Angeles’ stay at home order is broadcast. At one point, a seemingly distressed Kris tearfully says, “Khloé, I miss you. I wish I could hug you.”

The trailer also shows footage of how the family has been occupying themselves while isolating—but more notably, Kylie reveals that someone close to the Kardashians has tested positive for the virus, saying “It’s just scary when someone so close to home has tested positive.”

While this experience has been a struggle for literally everyone, it’ll be interesting to see how KUWTK frames the Kardashians’ time in isolation given their immense wealth and privilege. Might be kinda hard to swallow the fam talking about how “stir crazy” they are from the comfort of their pools and mansions! Then again, you could argue that they’re using their extreme influence to set a good example and encourage people to stay TF at home. Either way, the rest of this season will be pretty surreal.

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