This Trippy New Netflix Documentary About Psychedelics Looks Like a Wild Ride

“Very quickly I entered this psychedelic realm: Everything is coming alive; the grass starts talking to me.” It sounds like the beginning of a typical trip tale, but in the new Netflix documentary Have A Good Trip, debuting May 11, what matters more is who’s telling the story. It’s global music icon and tantric sex god Sting. And he’s willing to make some bold claims in favor of tripping. “I don’t think psychedelics are the answer to the world’s problems,” he says. “But they could be a start.”

Judging by the just-released trailer, that’s the balanced-but-positive perspective of Have A Good Trip, which assembles a cast of actors, musicians, and comedians to talk about their trips, which are dramatized in an appropriately psychedelic style of animation. That means A$AP Rocky talking about seeing a rainbow shoot out of his penis, complete with sound effects; Rosie Perez recounting how she melted into her mattress; and Reggie Watts detailing how psychedelics shifted his perspective on his view of reality.


The documentary aims to tackle the big questions around psychedelics, including their broad cultural influence. But like many trips, it’s not all just rainbows and feeling One with Everything. Even the trailer touches on the problem of the Bad Trip. “It turned the world around you into an opera of your nightmares,” says comedian Thomas Lennon, while Natasha Lyonne reminds viewers that when things threaten to go sideways, remember that you’re high—it’s not reality.

For anyone looking to expand their view of reality, with or without taking psychedelics, Have A Good Trip begins streaming on Netflix on May 11.

Watch the trailer here:

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