TWICE’s "More & More" Video Teaser Will Get You Hype For Their Comeback

TWICE is only days away from making their highly-anticipated comeback on June 1. To get fans even more excited for the big day, they’ve been sharing snippets of their upcoming era through concept photos, short films, and behind-the-scenes clips of their photo shoots. The arrival of TWICE’s "More & More" video teaser means it won’t be long before fans hear new music from the group, so ONCE should be bracing themselves for what’s to come.

Fans know the week leading up to TWICE’s comeback is always the one filled with the most content. After getting nine individual concept films of each member teasing TWICE’s next single, "More & More," JYP Entertainment gifted fans with a behind-the-scenes video of the group’s album photo shoot. Since both projects had the girls exploring an enchanting forest, fans predicted their music video would also take place in the same location.

On Monday, May 25, fans realized they were right when TWICE shared their "More & More" music video teaser. The 24-second clip showed Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu all wearing bright, patterned clothing as they danced some of their "More & More" choreography in a lake surrounded by nature.

In the video, fans also heard a snippet of their new single, and it sounds amazing already. According to a fan translation, TWICE sings, "You know I want it/ I’ll stop speaking lip service cause I deserve it/ I won’t be worried if you hate me for a moment/ Cause I know you."

The combination of the song’s upbeat sound and colorful teaser will make "More & More" the perfect summer anthem for ONCE.

Watch the teaser below.

Although the clip was short, fans found so many details to love about it. "TWICE dancing on water. The colors. Their outfits. Nayeon & Mina vocals. This teaser is already everything," one fan tweeted.


More & More will be TWICE’s ninth mini album. Fans who purchase a physical copy will receive a photo book, postcards, coaster cards, and photo cards. Judging from the video teasers, the extra album goodies will be just as stunning.

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