What Britney Spears’ Father Wants Her To Do Regarding Their Legal Bills

Britney Spears became a tabloid fixture when she was just 16 and she’s never really stopped. Spears went from beloved “girl next door” energy to paparazzi villain in the blink of an eye — at least that’s the thesis of a 2021 New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, which explored the star’s fall from grace and the resulting conservatorship battle with her father.

Things took a sharp turn for Spears in 2007 when she lost custody of her two children and began to behave erratically. Spears sought treatment for her mental health and was quickly placed in conservatorship. A conservatorship is an arrangement that gives someone else legal and financial power over an adult. It’s a legal move typically used by adults with ailing parents or an adult who can no longer care for themselves. 

It’s viewed as odd that Spears would have one placed on her, especially considering that while under the conservatorship, she churned out albums, signed lucrative sponsorship deals, and helmed a Vegas residency, per Vulture. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, was put in charge of the conservatorship, and ever since, Britney has been adamant about not trusting him with her money.

The 2021 documentary shed light on the issue and inspired fans to rally around Britney once again and support her in her quest to have Jamie removed as her conservator. Jamie is currently fighting Britney in court, and his most recent legal move surprised everyone.

Jamie Spears wants Britney Spears to pay up

Supporters of Britneys Spears’ legal battle against her conservatorship were appalled to learn that Jamie Spears is requesting even more money from his daughter’s estate. Jamie already financially benefits from his role as conservator over Brittney. Now, in the midst of a new court case, Jamie is requesting Britney cover his legal fees in addition to the money he receives from managing her career and finances.

According to legal documents obtained by Page Six, Jamie Spears filed papers to have Britney’s estate cover his legal fees, amounting to more than $3 million. This includes $2 million for his lawyers battling to keep Jamie in control of the conservatorship. To put it simply, Jamie is asking Britney to pay him to fight her in court.

“Britney’s inner circle feels it is an exorbitant amount of money to ask for, especially from someone who is not working at the moment and has stated that she has no plans to resume her career under her father’s control,” a source close to Brtiney told the outlet. 

In addition to the $3 million in legal fees, Jamie petitioned to continue receiving his monthly stipend of $16,000 “for his role as co-conservator of the estate” and an additional $2,000 to maintain “an office space.” Why exactly does Jamie need an “office space”? We aren’t sure, but we’d be shocked if he was using it to actually, you know, work.

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