Will Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund Get Married?

Emma Roberts has been keeping her relationship with actor Garrett Hedlund mostly under wrap, but fans were shocked when it was reported recently that the couple was expecting a child together. It seems Roberts and Hedlund’s relationship could get more serious. As such, some fans might be wondering: Will Roberts and Hedlund get married anytime soon?

Has Emma Roberts been marriedbefore?

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Roberts has not been married before, but she did get engaged once to her American Horror Story co-star, Evan Peters.

Roberts and Peters met and began dating in 2012 on the setof the film Adult World. The couple,then, went on to work on American HorrorStory together.

In 2013, they made headlines when Roberts was arrested ondomestic violence charges after having a heated argument with Peters. AfterRoberts was released, the pair released a statement calling it “an unfortunateincident and misunderstanding.” They also assured fans they were “workingtogether to move past it.”

Roberts and Peters seemed to stay true to their words towork things out with each other. They got engaged in 2014. However, theirrelationship became rocky again soon after. They broke up again in 2015 and2016 before partingways for good in 2019.

When did Roberts and GarrettHedlund begin dating?

Shortly after Roberts and Peters broke up in 2019, Robertsbegan dating Hedlund. Although neither of them ever confirmed theirrelationship, the pair had been spotted together several times in the pastyear.

In June 2020, Us Weekly also broke the news that Roberts andHedlund were expectinga child.

Will Roberts and Hedlund getmarried?

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Things seem to be getting more serious for Roberts andHedlund, so some fans might be wondering if the couple will soon settle downtogether.

In January 2020, a source told UsWeekly that Roberts and Hedlund were not talking about marriage anytimesoon.

“They are not talking an engagement or marriage at themoment,” the insider shared. “They like hanging out and going out together, andtheir relationship is more fun than serious.”

However, of course, things could have changed in the pastfew months, especially with a pregnancy in their relationship.

Roberts often tries to keep herlove life private

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Although many fans would like to hear updates on Roberts andHedlund’s relationship, Roberts herself does not usually want details about herlove life to be out in the open.

In May 2019, she told Cosmopolitan:“I never want to talk about relationships I’m in or that are ending or haveended. It’s hard enough to be with someone by yourself, let alone with anaudience. Growing up is hard. Sometimes it makes me sad that I can’t have aprivate moment.”

Additionally, Roberts also understand how difficult it can be a celebrity when social media is involved. She added: “Because of Twitter and Instagram, there’s a whole other element where everybody can comment on what you’re doing and no one knows the real story. That’s hard.”

It’s clear that, when it comes to Roberts’ romanticrelationships, the 29-year-old star will keep her lips sealed.

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