YouTuber LaurDIY Literally Ripped Apart Our Magazines and Turned It Into a Work of Art

Honestly, I’ve never been one to participate in arts and crafts. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t blessed with Picasso-esque talents. But LaurDIY’s (real name: Lauren Riihimaki) Cosmo collage has me believing that I, too, am capable of being an ~artiste~.

The YouTuber and host/executive producer of Craftopia on HBO Max fully tore up some of our recent mags—which you should already be subscribed to (shameless plug)—and created the most beautiful moodboard collage with some of her favorite pictures and quotes from the issues. And don’t worry, we totally gave her permission to do this.

Once she ripped out the pages that caught her eye and cut out the specific graphics she wanted, our girl scattered the bigger pictures onto her board that had already been Mod Podge’d. Then she just continued to do that with her smaller cuttings to fill up the blank spaces while adding more Mod Podge as she went to make sure everything stuck.
Make sure you follow all her tips and tricks when making your Cosmo collage. We can’t wait to see what yours will look like!!

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