10 Sad Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix If You Need to Feel Something

When you need a good cry without any real lasting damage, flipping through the offerings on Netflix can offer up the feels with just a few clicks of the remote.

Sadly, go-to flick The Notebook got wiped from the service in 2020, meaning viewers have had to go elsewhere for heartbreak. Here's what to watch when you need to feel things, even if you've got the iciest heart.

Remember Me

Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson star alongside Pierce Brosnan in a tale of family issues, new love, and tragedy. If it sounds a little heavier than Twilight, it is, but seeing Pattinson in a role that doesn't involve body glitter could be the thing to get fans past his vampire phase.

A Walk to Remember

It doesn't get more classic (or weepy) than Mandy Moore's star turn in this '00s tearjerker. Together with Shane West, she managed to ruin an entire generation and make Nicholas Sparks movies an entire genre.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey play a couple that breaks up and signs up for a procedure that wipes the memories of the relationship from their minds. It's a modern classic for a reason, even though the plot sounds like a highbrow art film.

Marriage Story

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson both earned a slew of award nominations for this Netflix movie — not to mention an amazing appearance from Laura Dern. Consider it a firsthand look at a conscious uncoupling, only without goop's signature Zen approach to divorce.


Another Scarlett Johansson pick, though viewers don't actually see her. Instead, they hear her alongside Joaquin Phoenix in this mash-up of sci-fi and romance that may make people reconsider their relationship with technology.


This award-winning coming-of-age story shows a different kind of love. Though there are romances, Moonlight is more about coming together as a community than the usual search for a soul mate.

About Time

Rachel McAdams stars in a sad movie that happens to be dressed up as a rom-com, just in case anyone's looking for lighter fare. Throw in some time travel with that and viewers can kick back without worrying about a tsunami of tears.

The Theory of Everything

And for anyone looking to be completely devastated, this Stephen Hawking biopic follows the theoretical physicist and cosmologist's life, including his relationships and how his ALS diagnosis affected his marriages.


Another award-winning pick, Roma is a heartbreaking story that draws on director Alfonso Cuarón's life, though the main character Cleo is the real focus — and for good reason.


If Cate Blanchett isn't enough of a draw, this tense story of forbidden love (Hey, Rooney Mara!) and heartbreak will need more than a single box of tissues. Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith, there are enough twists for a case of cry-induced whiplash.

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