14 Outfits From Bring It On I've Definitely Seen People Wearing In 2020

If I'm being honest, Bring It On falls somewhere on the list of early '00s films that haven't aged all that well. But, cringey and questionable dialogue aside, I still consider the outfits to be top notch. Two decades later and Torrance Shipman's wardrobe still remains on my mind (and probably Ariana Grande's, too). The cheer captain, played by Kirsten Dunst, owned her fair share of sports bras and track pants, but at the same time, had a decent selection of sweaters, kerchiefs, and mini skirts — all of which would be considered on trend for the year 2020.

In fact, I'm fairly confident that the likes of Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and literally every teen on TikTok have been following a similar Bring It On aesthetic as of late. Ahead, I've compiled proof that Torrance's outfits — and ones worn by her teammates and the Clovers (especially the Clovers) — would still work today. Get ready, because you'll probably want to copy these 14 looks sometime soon.

A Sexy Cardigan

bring it on outfits

Years before models began fastening single buttons on their sweaters, Torrance was doing it on her way to class. Of course, she made it a bit more school-appropriate, styling it over a dress instead of skipping a shirt underneath.

A Monochromatic Outfit

bring it on outfits, cheer practice

Carver may not have lasted very long, but right before she broke her leg, she was seen at the top of the pyramid in a cute monochromatic outfit, consisting of a blue crop top and track pants. Even her chunky sneakers would make the cut today!

An honorable mention from this same shot also goes to Courtney's shorts, because I can totally picture a blogger (or myself) wearing them with a knit sweater of some sort or a puff-sleeved top.

Everything the Clovers Wore to the Game

bring it on outfits, clovers outfits

Is this the year 2000 or 2020? Aside from the fact that Gabrielle Union hasn't aged in 20 years, pretty much all of these looks — the sexy cardigan, the cropped zip-up, the camo pants, and yes, even the fleece vest — look like they're current. This whole photo is a great source of outfit inspiration.

Big Red’s Tube Top

Bring It On Outfits

The former cheer captain announced her replacement while wearing a strapless top with structured pants and block-heeled sandals — a sleek and sexy combo we've definitely seen on stars like Emily Ratajkowski.

A Pink, Printed Tank

bring it on outfits, torrance's pink tank top

Back in January, Dua Lipa wore a strawberry-printed tank top that seemed way too familiar, and now, I've finally realized why: Torrance wore something similar while sleeping over at Missy's house. These tiny tanks are back!

Bike Shorts

bring it on outfits, torrance's bike shorts

By now, you likely know that these babies are a massive spring and summer trend, but Torrance wore them 20 years ago, while learning about spirit fingers from Sparky Polastri.

A Tie-Dye Top

bring it on outfits, gabrielle union, isis tie dye shirt and track pants

If there's one thing I've seen a lot of online lately, it's tie-dye everything. And now, I want a tiny cropped tank similar to the one Isis styled with her track pants. Really — just copy and paste this outfit onto my body!

Capri Pants

Bring It On Outfits

Slowly but surely, this in-between pants style is making a comeback — it was even seen on the spring 2020 runways — and now, I feel the urge to buy some cropped, floral pants to pair with my slides.

A Denim Mini and a Crop Top

bring it on outfits, torrance's skirt and crop top

I wouldn't neccessarily wear all these pieces together, but separately? Definitely. A denim skirt is a staple, while Torrance's pink crop top would pair well with almost any type of bottom. Plus, thanks to the popularity of polos and Hawaiian shirts, short-sleeved button-downs are back in the mix once again.

Black Pants and a Button-Down

bring it on outfits, torrance's black pants white shirt and bandana

I originally credited Miss Congeniality for the current, celeb-approved combo of black pants and chunky shoes. However, it looks like Torrance was on top of it back then, too. While you can't see it from this angle, she layered her shirt over a T-shirt and then knotted it in order to make this wardrobe essential seem casual. 

A Kerchief and a Skort

bring it on outfits, torrance's spirit stick outfit

The TikTok teens have re-discovered styling your scarf or bandana like a kercheif, and I'm into it. Before dropping the Spirit Stick, Torrance could be seen wearing one with her sports bra and skort, the latter of which is definitely something I've been searching for on Etsy.

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