9 rules Wetherspoons customers will have to follow when pubs reopen on Saturday

WETHERSPOONS will finally welcome back customers from this Saturday as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased for pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Doors will open for punters from 8am at 875 out of the nearly 900 'Spoons branches in the UK where they will finally be able to sip on pint.

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But it won't be exactly the same as it was before the coronavirus outbreak as businesses have to make sure that they're Covid-19 secure.

The pub chain has invested £11million into making sure staff and customers stay safe when branches are open.

This means putting measures in place to limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus, such as regular cleaning and making sure customers stand apart – you can see what the pubs will look like when they reopen here.

But customers will have to play their part too in helping stop the spread of the virus to make sure pubs can continue to stay open.

Here, we take you through all of the rules punters will have to follow when they go to a Wetherspoons pub from Saturday:

1. Queue to get in the pub

The number of people allowed in the pub at the same time is limited so you may have to queue up outside your local before being allowed in.

To cut down wait times, many pub chains are asking customers to book a table ahead of visiting to avoid crowds but Wetherspoons isn't taking bookings.

Instead, you just have to turn up but you may be asked to wait outside if you're visiting at a busier time until a table inside becomes free.

Signs have been put up outside pubs to make sure households social distance while they wait, and only one entrance will be in use, with a separate door for people to use to exit.

2. Put on hand sanitiser before going inside

'Spoons bosses have put hand sanitiser stations by the entrances and exits of the pubs so customers can clean their hands before going inside.

This isn't something that staff will enforce but it will help keep hygiene standards up to scratch inside the pub.

There will also be anti-bacterial gel stations set up around the establishment for customers to use.

3. Visit in small groups

Wetherspoons is asking customers not to turn up in big groups and to practice social distancing.

If you turn up in a large group, or you start to gather once inside the pub, staff will ask you split up.

If the pub begins to become overcrowded, you may be asked to leave.

4. Order your food and drink via the Wetherspoons app

Customers are being asked to place orders through the free Wetherspoons app where possible.

A member of staff will then bring your order to your table.

Customers who don't have a smart phone will be able to order at a designated till point at the bar.

They will then need to return to their table and a member of staff will bring the order to them.

5. Pay using the app

When using the app, customers will have to pay for their order before it's processed at the bar.

But those who need to pay at the bar will be asked to use contactless payments – the limit has increased to £45 for cards and £100 for Apple and Google Pay.

Cash will be accepted but only at specific tills.

Gift cards will still be accepted, even if they expired during lockdown – Wetherspoons has extended them for another six months after their expiry date.

CAMRA gift cards with an expiry date of between April 1 and June 30, 2020 will be accepted until the end of November.

6. Recycle the menu after use

If you're not ordering through the app and would prefer to look at a physical menu, you will be handed a disposable one.

These will be single-use, likely to be made from paper, but it will be recycled.

7. No smoking near the pub entrances and exits

You won't be able to nip outside for a cigarette any more as staff will need to keep the way clear for customers wanting to go inside or leave the pub.

You will either need to step away from the doorways while you light up, or go to the designated smoking area in the pub garden, if there is one.

There will be signs reminding customers to social distance while they are in the smoking area.

8. Keep your children seated at the tables

Children will still be able to go to the family friendly pubs but parents must make sure that they stay seat at the table.

Parents will also need to accompany them to the toilets.

9. No moving the tables

Punters have been asked not to move the tables because they have been rearranged to meet the Covid-19 secure government guidelines.

They have been placed at least a metre apart to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Signs will be put on all tables to remind you that you need to leave them where they are.

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