A family comfort their seven-year-old neighbor through their door CCTV

Sweet moment a family use their Ring video doorbell to comfort their neighbor, 7, who was frightened by a bobcat and fled to their house for help while they were out

  • Taylor, seven-year-old from Arizona comforted by neighbors after saw bobcat
  • Was cycling when she saw the animal, who is not dangerous to humans but big
  • Lauren, Taylor’s friend, and her mother, comforted her until they got home 

A scared seven-year-old girl who turned to her neighbors for help after seeing a bobcat was comforted by the family using their remote doorbell when she fled to their house while they were out. 

Taylor, seven, whose last name is not known, got a fright when she spotted a bobcat while cycling around her neighborhood in Arizona. 

Bobcats are not usually to be dangerous to humans, however, their size alone would make a sighting quite stressful for anyone, and the animals can become aggressive if infected with rabies. 

Unable to find her mother right away, Taylor sought refuge at a friend’s house, who wasn’t at home

But thanks to their Ring video doorbell, her friend and her mother Nicole, were able to comfort Taylor until they got home, in a sweet moment which was captured on their CCTV.

Taylor, a seven-year-old from Arizona, was scared after seeing a bobcat on her street, and was comforted by her neighbor Nicole and her unnamed daughter until they got home

Taylor, who was wearing a pink helmet and had kept her bike with her, could be heard crying for her mother when she first knocked on her friend’s door. 

She had just seen the bobcat and was looking for some help, but because the family weren’t at home, their Ring doorbell system put a call through to Nicole’s cell phone. 

The exchange between Taylor, her firned and her friend’s mother Nicole was captured by their CCTV. 

Taylor’s friend answered the phone, thinking she was talking to someone called ‘Lauren,’ but Taylor soon explained the situation. 

Nicole and her daughter, whom we don’t see in the video, comforted Taylor until they drove up their houses 

‘I’m on my way home right now. I’ll be out soon. Okay,’ her friend could be heard saying through the intercom.

Facts on bobcats

Bobcats are widely spread in the US and are are rarely reported to harm humans, but they can become aggressive if they have rabies (stock picture)

Bobcats, who originate from North America, are one of the most spread wildcats species in the US and Southern Canada. 

They are also known as red Lynx, and are not thought to be endangered. 

Like all felines, bobcats are carnivorous and usually hunt rabbits and hares, birds, small rodents, and deer. 

They can adapt to a wide range of habitats, from desert to more urban areas. 

According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), bobcats attacks on humans are extremely rare. 

While they are usually shy and avoid humans, bobcats can become aggressive and dangerous if they have contracted rabies, so vigilance is key.  

‘No, please come open the door. There’s a bobcat, and I want to come in! Please,’ Taylor could be heard pleading through tears. 

Nicole could then be heard saying to her daughter: ‘Okay, tell her, we’re going to be home in one minute.

Meanwhile, Taylor was still agitated at the family’s porch. She asked: ‘Is anyone home?’

Nicole replied in a reassuring voice that she and her daughter would be ‘home in one minute.  

‘We’ll be home in one minute, sweetie. Just stay right there,’ she said. 

‘Okay. I really want to come in because, my mom, I don’t know where my mom is,’ Taylor explained. 

‘I think my mom is back home and I saw it..’ she started to say. 

Nicole, who was driving up the street to come to the girl’s rescue, told her to stay where she was.  

‘No, you stay right there. We’re going to be home in one minute, sweetie. You stay right there.’

‘Okay. I want my mommy,’ Taylor cried, staying in the corner of the door by the ring. 

‘It’s fine just stay right there, okay,’ Nicole’s daughter could be heard saying. ‘We’re literally turning the corner, right at Jason’s.’

From inside the car, Nicole told her daughter to keep talking to Taylor on the phone until they reached their house.  

‘Don’t hang up on her. Stay on the phone with her,’ she said. 

Taylor then asked Nicole if she could call her mother.  

‘Yes, I will definitely do that,’ Nicole replied.  

Taylor, who could not find her mother, cycled to Nicole’s house hoping they would let her in, safe from the animal

Poor Taylor could be heard crying for her mother in the video, which was captured by Nicole’s CCTV

The seven-year-old begged Nicole to come to the door and bravely waited by herself until Nicole got home 

At the end of the video, Nicole’s car could be seen pulling up in her driveway as she came to Taylor’s rescue 

‘As soon as I get you in my house safe. I will call your mom. I’m almost there, I’m right by the park. I’m almost there.

The video ended with a white pick up truck parking at the end of the house’s driveway which looked to be Nicole, who had arrived to help Taylor with the bobcat. 

It is very rare that Bobcats, who are the best-spread breed of wildcats in the US, are reported to be dangerous to humans. 

Usually, the large felines shy away from cities, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

However, bobcats can be dangerous and aggressive if they have contracted rabies, so Nicole was right in rushing to Taylor’s help.  

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