Adult star job searches up 41% as Brits look into X-rated careers amid pandemic

Many people have seen their careers change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With some Brits losing their jobs, to others on furlough, many have been looking into alternative career routes.

And it seems that a lot of people in the UK are considering moving into an X-rated field, according to Anchor Pumps.

Using Google search data, the company has been able to compare search volumes for different careers pre and post-pandemic.

And the research has revealed that there is a 41% increase in the UK or Brits looking into becoming a porn star.

Another popular job people are considering, according to the data, is a dog walker – with an 188% increase in Google searches.

Becoming a nanny has also increased in popularity by 153% – as many childcare workers were able to continue with their role throughout the pandemic.

There were some jobs that became less popular during the pandemic though, with lorry driver job searches down by 89%.

Builder job searches were also down by 61%, while hairdresser searches were down 60%.

One mum who decided to move into the adult industry to earn extra cash is parent Emma Louise.

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The 31-year-old started posting dominatrix content on subscription site MyFet just a few months ago to earn extra money for her family.

She even says her kids know about her racy new career.

And it seems to be paying off already, as she's already making £100 a week for just a few hours work.

The mum-of-two, from York, puts this towards her household bills but dreams of taking the career full-time in the future.

Emma, who lives with her partner and kids, said: “I initially joined to give myself a confidence boost, as my epilepsy had dented it.

“Doing this has massively improved my self-esteem. I even have a stripper pole in the kitchen.

“I’m very open with the kids. They’re my best friends and I don’t hide anything from them.”

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