Adult star Riley Reid gets AI clone so she can retire and still fulfil fantasies

Porn star Riley Reid has co-founded a “revolutionary” new platform which lets fans have conversations and make personalised requests with her AI ‘clone’.

The award-winning adult actress, whose real name is Ashley Mathews, launched her X-rated career at the age of 19. She has since gone on to be one of the most recognisable names in the porn industry.

Now, with the launch of Clona, fans can swap unlimited text and voice raunchy messages with “18-year-old Riley” anytime, anywhere. But eventually she hopes to take it one step further to fulfil fan's ultimate fantasies – personalise AI-generated videos and photos.

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The now 32-year-old wife and mum from America has immortalised her ‘prime’ years with an AI clone in the hope of retiring from porn and focusing on enjoying other areas of her life.

Speaking to the Daily Star exclusively, Riley said: “I've basically already retired from porn, Riley Reid is such a nostalgic name, but I don't want to keep filming videos.

“You don't want to be like ‘damn, I wish Riley already quit because she's not looking too hot anymore’ and so this provides me almost like a safeguard opportunity to still be able to be a profitable monetisable adult acting.

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“Because 10 or 20 years from now, there's still going to be some 18-year-old boys or girls who come and see my videos. And they're going to be like ‘Wow, who's this Riley? She's all over the porn pages but she's 50 odd now.

“Well, now they can be like ‘Wow, I can talk to 18-year-old AI Riley’. And on top of me also getting older, I'm also changing my lifestyle, I'm becoming a mom, I'm becoming more of a business person.”

Riley believes AI should be embraced by the adult film industry, and will be the “next big thing” so she wanted to have a hand in shaping it so it doesn’t get “left behind”. Clona is currently in its Beta testing phase so currently only has two options, Riley and one other adult actress but they hope to open it to all performers over time.

She also hopes to add AI-generated images and videos of her likeness. This would allow subscribers to request any situation that fulfils their ultimate fantasies and the AI would personalise it for them.

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Riley explained: “We have to find the limitations and the guidelines as well as consent and stuff. What if someone says, I want to see Reed eating pussy? Would need consent from the other girls if it shows it's another girl? Would it just be like my own vagina? Or would it be just other Clona creators?

“And then I wonder, what if it asks for a black girl like Anna Fox? Well, we don't have the rights to them, and then it's things it's like if they want a black girl and we can't do, say Anna Fox, could it add a skin tone to my own pussy? Would that be crossing any boundaries and lines?

“What if someone wants to see a trans-Riley? Is that appropriate or is it not appropriate? I'm determining these things which I find very interesting and it's going to be a learning curve. I'm quite fascinated as to how we're navigating it.”

When asked whether Riley is concerned about granting AI “uncensored” rights to her likeness she said is “easygoing” because it's “all fantasy-based”.

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“It's all in the eyes of the beholder to an extent and who am I to criticize what certain people's fantasies are,” she said. “For me, it's more making sure our AI isn't encouraging dangerous things or engaging in fetishes people don’t want.

“How do we encourage the naughty play and the fantasy play of you wanting to hook up with your stepmom or whatever? It's obviously terrible and we don't encourage it, but there's a fantasy around it and so there's like trying to navigate that conversation as well as I'm trying this out for anything more taboo, making sure the AI learn people’s boundaries and safe words”.

The system has been uploaded with all of Riley's adult videos for the saucier side, as well as her podcasts and has been drip-fed aspects and fact-checked by Riley herself to ensure the AI is a clone of her actual personality and represents the ‘real Riley’s’ beliefs and opinions in hope of providing an authentic experience.

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