Adventure-Seeking Guinea Pig Named Snowball Escapes from Home, Requires Rescue from Sewer Pipe

Snowball the guinea pig hit a roadblock while out on an adventure last month.

The guinea pig escaped from his home in West Price Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, and proceeded to get stuck in a sewer pipe.

"Snowball escaped from his W. Price Hill home & thought a sewer was a good place to hang out," the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati tweeted Monday, describing the incident.

"MSD's Jeff Greene & Reggie Gray came to the rescue," the Tweet continued. "When Snowball wouldn't budge from the pipe, they used a basketball to nudge him out. Now Snowball needs a bath."

Jeff Greene and Reggie Gray, the workers who rescued Snowball after a family called to report that the pet rodent had crawled into the sewer, said the animal was shaking and scared, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Deb Leonard, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Sewer District, told the outlet that Gray lowered Greene down into the sewer where he was then able to spot Snowball and nudge him out using a basketball.

MSD also posted a video of the operation, showing the worker calling out to Snowball — "Hey buddy, come on" — through the long sewer pipe.

Leonard added that Snowball was lucky it was a sunny day. If it had been raining, the pet could have washed away into the sewer system, she said.

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