AEW wrestler Dante Martin suffers gruesome broken leg after being put through table in horrifying botch | The Sun

AEW star Dante Martin suffered a broken leg following a botched powerbomb.

The 22-year-old was in action at the ROH Supercard of Honor on Friday night in a tag-team Ladder Match.

And the match could very well have changed his wrestling career forever as his left leg seemingly snapped as opponent Penta El Zero M butchered a rehearsed powerbomb through two stacked tables.

Penta overshot the powerbomb off a stacked ladder, causing Martin's legs to be extended further out than they were supposed to be.

As a result, Martin's left leg hit the arena floor first and crumpled under the immense force of the move.

Martin, who was in absolute agony, was quickly tended to by ring and medical officials as fans near the incident looked on in horror.


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And he was stretchered out of the arena before being rushed to the hospital.

After the show, AEW bigwig Tony Khan said: “He’s at the hospital right now.

“Right before I came out here, I spoke to Darius and they’re all at the hospital. We hope to receive a positive update soon.

"Dante is in pain, but I’m wishing the best for him. We’re all praying for Dante. He’s an amazing wrestler.

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Martin provided an update on his condition from his hospital bed

"Obviously, his brother has been through serious injuries and missed time.

"We love Darius, too, and missed him when he was out. I guess Dante will also be out of action for some time.

"We look forward to Darius taking the time to grow and learn from it. Dante is someone who is going to be with us for a very, very long time.

"I care very much about Dante. I’ve got to him know him since he came up with us during the pandemic, and this hurt a lot of people in the back, including myself.

"But it hurt nobody more than poor Dante, and we just hope he’s going to be OK.”

Martin provided his followers with an update on his condition from the hospital, where he issued a message to Penta and Rey Fenix.

He said: "We are all good! Coming for that inhuman recovery!

"Congrats to @penta_zero_miedo and @reyfenixms. But know that we still want those belts."

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