Alabama Race Course Trying to Find Homes For More Than 400 Dogs After Ending Greyhound Racing

The Birmingham course was one of the few remaining in the United States that offered live greyhound racing, with most on the list being in Florida. But in 2018, the state voted to pass Amendment 13, which promises to phase out all commercial greyhound racing in Florida by this year. (This will leave only a handful of tracks, located in Arkansas, Iowa, West Virginia, and Texas.)

"For decades the Florida legislature failed to protect greyhounds abused by the racing industry. Today voters made a historic choice to make Florida a more humane state," Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, said in a statement at the time.

"Amendment 13 puts an end to the cycle of cruelty that victimized greyhounds in the state for far too long," he added. "These social dogs will soon be able to retire and enjoy running on their own terms, without being forced to spend most of their days in cages or being drugged to enhance their performance."

Anyone interested in adopting a greyhound from the Birmingham facility can visit the course's adoption website at

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