Aldi Dropped 4 New, Fresh 3-Wick Candle Scents This Week

Who needs Bath & Body Works 3-Wick candles when you have Aldi’s comparable — and far more affordable — 3-Wick Huntington Home candles? (Who are we kidding? Of course we still need Bath & Body Works’ 3-Wick candles in our lives.) And this week, Aldi released four new scents that’ll make your already comfy home an even comfier one.

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Aldi’s four new scents include Cedar Firewood, Elderflower, Mango Mimosa, and White Almond — and they’re already receiving rave reviews.

“I got 2 of the elderflower ones!” wrote an Aldi Favorite Finds commenter. “They smell really fresh and clean.”

“I got the mango mimosa – it’s so good!” raved @kattastic. “I bought it on Wednesday and went back on Thursday to get more and they were already sold out of every scent!”

“Loved them all this week!” wrote Aldi Dupes.

And if you’re curious how Aldi Favorite Finds feels about the scents, here’s how they described them:

Priced at just $3.99 each, Aldi’s 3-Wick candles boast a soy blend and are available in 14-ounce jars. They’re great to place around the home or even gift to friends and family for Valentine’s Day. Next week, Aldi will begin selling bouquets, too, including tulip bouquets, rose bouquets, and even Valentine’s Day cacti and succulents. So, be sure to pay your nearby Aldi a visit then.

Aldi is also adding four new coffee-scented candles to shelves next week. They include Salted Caramel Frappe (called “But First Coffee”), Mocha Latte (“Coffee Break”), Spiced Chai Latte (“Morning Brew”), and Cafe Latte (“Coffee Bar”).

Image: Aldi.

These are priced a little higher at $5.99, but they’re still as affordable as ever.

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