Amazon Reviewers Love This Ottoman That Secretly Doubles as a Hideaway for Cats

If your cat likes to hide in small, dark spaces — under your sofa, your blanket, or even in the big cardboard box you just got your deliveries in — you're not alone. Cats are prone to hiding in enclosed spaces to feel sheltered and safe, so their favorite spot to snuggle up might just be that unexpected corner in your home. However, if you want to create a secluded space for them that also doubles as home decor, Amazon shoppers can't recommend Furhaven's Pet Ottoman enough. It works as a hiding space for pets as well as a footstool for their humans, and reviewers call it a ″triple-duty″ piece of multipurpose furniture.

The ottoman is not only an ideal hiding spot, but it's also lined with fleece to make it a nook that's so comfortable, even pet parents who own dogs say their animals ″fight over it.″ As a sturdy footstool and ottoman, Furhaven's bench can withstand up to 130 pounds in weight; reviewers also love its removable lid, which makes it easy to put any food bowls or extra toys inside.

Buy It! Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Coconut Brown, $43.99;

Plus, Furhaven's pet ottoman includes a detachable ball toy that can be hung on its "entrance door," making it the ultimate entertainment center for your cat. It's also collapsible, so you can easily bring it with you on the road. "This is an amazing alternative for a box-loving cat," said a shopper. "My cat loves boxes and holes, but I can't keep hundreds of boxes in my home, so this is literally the next best thing! She loves sleeping in there and just chilling in general. She also enjoys hopping on top of it (which is really soft!)."

Another reviewer said the ottoman was the "perfect hidey hole" for large cat breeds. "I wanted something that would allow my cat to completely stretch out in if he wanted to, and this is perfect," they wrote. "If you have a Maine Coon or similar breed, this is perfect for them."

Of course, cats aren't the only animals that this ottoman would be great for: Shoppers who own dogs and even bunnies have all raved about the storage bench. The ottoman is available in multiple colors, as well as in a smaller size that's perfect for living rooms with limited space.

Buy It! Furhaven Pet Footstool in Stormy Gray, $27.99;

Furhaven's ottoman currently has a near-perfect rating from more than 1,300 reviewers, but it's not the only popular item from the brand — shoppers also love its self-heating pad that keeps pets snuggly, as well as its orthopedic dog bed. You can shop them all at Amazon, and save even more on other pet essentials with the retailer's Subscribe and Save program.

Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Ocean Blue

Buy It! $43.99;

Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Stormy Gray

Buy It! $43.99;

Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Hygge Stripe

Buy It! $43.99;

Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Beach House Stripe

Buy It! $43.99;

Furhaven Pet Ottoman in Hygge Stripe

Buy It! $27.99;

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