Amazon shoppers rush to buy 'easy to ride' £140 hoverboard appearing in basket for £109 | The Sun

TIRED of walking everywhere? Spice up your movements with a discounted hoverboard.

Amazon has slashed the price of the GeekMe Hoverboard by 22% taking it down to £108.99, and shoppers on the site are snatching it up.

  • GeekMe Hoverboard, £108.99 (was £139.99) – buy from Amazon

Hoverboards are a fun way to get from point A to B without having to wear your legs out, plus a lot of hoverboards now allow you to play your favourite songs and blast while putting on a light show.

If the idea of having a cool way to get to the store interests you or you just want a fun present for the kids, a hoverboard is a great choice.

We rounded up 13 of the best hoverboards with multi-terrain wheels so you can go off-road without falling over.



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For anyone who has been under a rock the last decade, hoverboards resemble skateboards, and operating one involves the user standing on the board and leaning forwards or backwards to move and break – simple, really.

When it comes to this light-up piece of joy, you don't have to worry about outdated technology that some hoverboards are built with, as the smart chip allows for in-depth tuning of handling to adjust it to your specific needs and requirements.

The fun only really stops when you kill the battery and have to plug it in overnight. However, GeekMe seem to understand this, and the smart chip also monitors the battery in real-time, providing various protective measures to ensure a healthier longer battery life.

To complete the spectacle, you can pair your Bluetooth device quickly to listen to your favourite tracks as you zoom around. As long as the device is bluetooth-enabled, it's good to connect.

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Since we weren't fortunate enough to test drive this ourselves, we had to take a look at what people said about their purchase.

One reviewer called it 'great quality', going on to state they love that 'it stands out from the crowd thanks to its smart technology' and has the added bonus of 'being easy to ride'.

You'll be able to find more sales and price drops on a variety of wearables, drones, earbuds and gadgets over on our tech deals hub.

  • GeekMe Hoverboard, £108.99 (was £139.99) – buy from Amazon

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