Anne Hathaway goes full ‘Princess Diaries’ for the pillow challenge

Anne Hathaway is putting a royal spin on the pillow challenge.

The actress, 37, challenged her “Princess Diaries” character Mia Thermopolis while tackling the viral trend on Wednesday, wearing three pillows secured only with a belt.

Hathaway recreated the poster for the 2001 Disney movie, topping her look off with sunglasses, headphones and combat boots.

“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early,” she captioned the pic, referring not only to Julie Andrews’ famous line from the flick, but also to her own tardiness to the pillow challenge.

Fans were delighted in the comments. “Hahaha I LOVE YOU! ❤️,” Jessica Chastain said. “This caption is really everything I needed right now,” another person chimed in. “With leadership like this, I’m moving to Genovia,” a third joked.

Halle Berry and Tracee Ellis Ross have also tried their hand at the pillow challenge, with both showing a bit more skin than Hathaway in the process.

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