Ayesha Perry-Iqbal’s 10 most inspiring plus size women to follow on Instagram

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I always say that you should surround yourself with people who uplift you and add positivity into your life.

I really believe curvy girls have taken the fashion industry and social media by storm, we wanted to see more representation and we fought for it. Now, I know we still have a long way to go, but I love that with the power of social media you can connect with other women who you can relate to and join communities that make you feel included and represented.

So, to give us curvy ladies a bit of an uplift during quarantine, here are my top 10 favourite inspiring curvy girls to follow on IG.

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Aerie Model/ambassador, mother and body positive advocate. I love ISKRA. Her IG is fully of realness; talking about body image/healthy relationships. It also gives some great insight on being a first time mother. Completely down to earth and relatable.


With nearly 3M followers combined, it’s safe to say Nabela is a powerhouse in the beauty community. With her south Asian representation and beautiful vibrant aesthetic on her page I am completely in awe of her. She always runs @zeba – the self love revolution.


A fellow Welsh gal, I love how Callie is down to earth, honest and authentic on her page. Sharing her style, fitness journey, food recipes and happy relationships, she is must follow. She is also the founder of @theconfidencecorner.


This Aussie girl is so fun and relatable. Her aesthetic and fashion sense is so simple and classic. I love her care free spirit and total confidence in her own skin.


Jari Jones is kick-ass in every way. Model, actress and activist Jari has no problem talking about topics in an honest, candid way. Her images are beautiful, but her captions speak volumes.

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I love Kellie’s page. It's a mixture of fun fashion trends, comedy and interior design. If you are looking for a page to find runway fashion trends for curvy women, this is the page.


Natalie is not only beautiful, I love all of her posts. She isn’t afraid to go for it with styling and poses. A mixture of fun lifestyle and travel content.


Mum to be and fashion enthusiast Rochelle is relatable. I love that she shares her family and she picks the prettiest fun vibrant pieces.


Tess Holliday is an icon. She is one of the front runners in making a path for curvy women to feel seen and represented. The creator of @effyourbeautystandards. She is a power house.


Not only is Jada a model and activist she is psychologist. I love her simple aesthetic and that fact she addresses mental health. This is a page to feel seen and heard especially when it comes to how you feel.

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