Best salt and pepper grinders 2021 | The Sun UK

THE best salt and pepper grinders don’t have to cost a fortune, but it is important to pick the right ones.

We explain what to look for and round up some of the most popular options.

Even though salt and pepper shakers are convenient and easy to use, nothing beats the freshly milled stuff and it’s worth investing in a good grinder that will last a long time.

Although salt and pepper mills usually come in a pair, if you’re buying them separately, make sure they’re designed for the right purpose.

That’s because while they look the same on the outside, the two have very different mechanisms on the inside.

Pepper mills should ideally have stainless steel grinders as these are strong and durable enough to handle crushing through tough peppercorns.

However, salt is corrosive and over time it can cause steel to rust. While you can get salt-resistant metals, some prefer their salt grinders to have ceramic teeth to eliminate that worry.

Aside from the mechanics, style is obviously important. You want mills that will dress up your dinner table rather than ones you’re too embarrassed to bring out to your guests.

And of course, you have the choice of manual or electric.

While the latter can produce finely milled salt or pepper at the touch of a button, they tend to be more expensive and of course you’ll always need to have batteries ready.


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