Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Breaks Down His Beauty Tips for Video Chats

When you look good, you feel good!

That’s a motto Beyoncé and Chrissy Teigen‘s go-to makeup artist can get behind. Speaking to E! News, Sir John chatted about all things beauty, including his best tips and tricks for us to use when we want to get dolled up at home.

And since many of us have to partake in Zoom calls for work or have been FaceTiming our loved ones more than ever due to the Coronavirus pandemic, that means our glam sessions could use some expert advice.

Because if there’s one thing that’s certain: our face looks different on-camera than it does in person. No one understands that more than Sir John, who frequently collaborates with queen Bey in all kinds of scenarios.

As he perfectly put it, “Even though some celebratory events are now going virtual, there’s no reason not to dress up and glow up for the occasion!”

What’s more? Sir John is helping other beauty professionals during these difficult times. He teamed up with Motorola Razr for its #flipyourlook challenge. For every post (before April 20th), Motorola will donate $50 to the non-profit organization, Support Creatives.

To get makeup tips for your next video recording, read our interview with Sir John below!

His Best Makeup Tips for Recording Video… No Matter the Occasion:

“The most flattering light is natural light with just a little reflection,” he shares. His number one tip, though has nothing to do with makeup.

“Take care of your skin: a healthy complexion is the basis of any good makeup application,” he expresses.

Just because you’re recording a video or chatting over Zoom doesn’t mean you can’t give your skin some extra oomph. Sir John says, “You want your cheekbones to pop so give them shine, even if you’re indoors.”

However, if you have too much shine around your T-Zone, he suggests using “matte products.”

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Gotta have ‘em all.

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Gotta have ‘em all.

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For When You’re Recording Video During the Day:

Sir John breaks down his makeup steps, before you jump on your FaceTime or Zoom call.

“Start by applying your foundation with a damp sponge. It will even out your skin without reading as a face full of makeup,” he shares.

Adding, “To warm up your complexion, apply a dusting of bronzer around the perimeter of your face. Next, lightly apply blush to your cheeks, temples and chin. This warms the skin up and makes it look really healthy.”

For the eyes, he explains: “Apply a dab of highlighter to your eyelids. During the day, too much eyeshadow will look overdone. Curl your eyelashes and add a few sweeps of mascara.”

“Finalize the look with a pop of lip color to give you life and make you feel empowered,” he adds.


For When You’re Recording Video at Night:

Speaking at night and need to look fabulous? Bey’s go-to makeup artist has you covered. Unlike the daytime application, Sir John suggests enhancing the eyes with bright and bold colors.

“First, blend a teal eye pencil over the lid and inner corner with a flat brush,” he explains. “Second, use a lavender eye pencil in the lower water line and inner corner with a different flat brush.”

He adds, “Add a bright orange to the crease… blend the orange-red eyeshadow around the perimeter of the eyes. Intensify the lower lash line with a matte lavender eyeshadow. [Then] buff a light peach shadow into the brow bone… curl lashes and add mascara.”

For the face, he says to “apply foundation and concealer, as well as bronzer around the perimeter of the face.” Next, “apply peach lipstick and lipliner.” Lastly, “use your peach lipstick and apply it as blush.”

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His Tips for Looking Glam Over Video During a Special Occasion:

Because of COVID-19, special ceremonies such as prom, graduation, weddings and other major events are happening virtually. If you want to feel and look your best for one of those moments, Sir John shares his best tips.

“First, contour just a little bit on the cheekbones. Stay away from over-contouring by using a wet sponge to keep the look soft. Second, apply bronzer to the perimeter of your face,” he expresses. 

For the eyes, keep it cohesive by applying “bronze eyeshadow on the balls of both eyes.” He adds, “Apply a slightly darker shadow in the same spot to offer dimension, then blend. Add a strobing glow cream to the center of the eyelids to open the eyes. Then use the same luminizer at the top of the cheekbones to give them a nice glow.”

His number one tip? Use “brown eyeliner [because] black can show up as too aggressive.” He says: “Use a bit of liner on top of the eyes [and] underneath the bottom lashes and waterline. Add lots of mascara [and] fill in your brows.”

Lastly, “Complete the look with a light matte to absorb the light and keep the focus on your glowing skin.”

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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