Body modification fan gets 70 piercings – including 41 on his genitals

A man ditched his career as an accountant to explore his passion for body modification.

After studying the mathematical subject at university, Michele Mancii decided to become a professional piercer instead.

It seemed like a natural fit seeing as he’d been altering his appearance since he was 15.

After getting his ears pierced, Michele covered his body in studs and tattoos.

These include a lip plug that’s half an inch wide, a forehead stud, split tongue, dermals and nipple piercings.

The 28-year-old, from Naples, Italy, has even had implants in his intimate area, which are 19 silicone ribs and 22 beads.

Michele said: “My first direct experience with body modification was when I was fifteen years old.

“I had a girlfriend who had piercings and little stretched lobes and I was so attracted that I wanted to learn more and more about it.

“I got my earlobes pierced and after some months I started to stretch them and then also got my septum pierced.”

Michele’s mum wasn’t too pleased about the body modifications at first.

The piercing fan admits: “At first, my mother was against me getting body modifications for different reasons, such as me being too young and finding it difficult to find a job when I grew up.”

But as Michele got older, his mum decided to support his passion.

He said: “When I was twenty-one, I started to modify myself frequently and she started to accept it.

“Sometimes she has even helped me when I needed a hand piercing.

“Some of my friend’s parents who remember me tell me that I’ve ruined my body, but they do it in a joking and loving way.”

The body modification fanatic has no regrets about these procedures.

He said: “I don’t have a favourite piercing as I love everything I have done to my body.

“Each one makes me feel more comfortable in my body and has meaning.”

Michele is confident about his appearance even though he is gawped at by strangers.

He said: “People stare at me most of the time, and sometimes my friends give me a nudge and tell me, “Look at how they are staring at you.

“But for me, it is completely normal and really doesn’t bother me.”

Michele is currently single but says future partners would have to be accepting of his body modifications.

He admitted: “To anyone that wants to start a relationship with me, it is very obvious that body modifications are a big part of my life, so it’s never really been a problem.”

Michele has set up an OnlyFans page to show off his intimate piercings to paying subscribers.

He hopes the adults only platform will raise enough money for him to buy specialist books on piercing.

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Michele is proud of his transformation but has words of warning for others who are thinking of dabbling with body modification.

He added: “You can never turn back, so think about what you want to do with your life because any regrets are no one’s problem but your own.

“But life is just a game so have fun as you only live once.

“I plan to get more modifications in the future, as my entire life is centred around the discovery of my body.

“The possibilities are infinite.”

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