Body positive star shows her worst angles after trolls post jibes about figure

A body positive influencer revealed her 'worst' angles after trolls made cruel jibes over her figure.

Nelly London, who lives in Brighton, often posts self-love content to her 519,000 Instagram followers who praise her ability to flaunt her natural curves.

However, not everyone has been so supportive of the stunning brunette.

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In a recent post, Nelly exposed some of the nasty remarks left on her pictures by haters who mock her body with normal features – cellulite and all.

"Oh dear this isn't a good angle for you", one troll blasted along with a laughing emoji.

As a second sneered: "You don't do yourself any favours do you, this angle is TERRIBLE. You look square."

Although a barrage of vicious comments were sent to Nelly, the social media star has not let them get her down.

Instead she posted a series of seriously stunning snaps that showed off her apparent "worst" angles in defiance.

She rocked a white and red floral lingerie set that beautifully accentuated her bum and belly.

"Just for these wonderfully kind commenters, here is a collection of my 'worst' angles", Nelly wrote in the caption.

"But here’s the thing, they’re not actually the worst, they’re actually pretty f***ing spectacular.

"You see those lines, the scars, the texture, those incredible details that are just so intricate it blows my mind that this is MY body, capable of holding all that beauty so effortlessly.

"We are humans, we are three dimensional beings, we look different all the time, we shift and we mould and we are fluid.

"As much as we might wish we could exist only from our 'best' angle, we can’t, and I’m so glad."

Inspired by Nelly, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for hitting back at the haters.

One person commented: "Adore you and your realness! Keeping living in your truth lovely."

Another user added: "Dear Nelly, your content is always sooo positive and loving. You’ve definitely impacted my self-love journey. You’re an example!"

While a third voiced: "People's negative comments are honestly just a reflection of their own insecurities. This post is amazing, Nelly!!"

Someone else defended: "These are the angles we so desperately need, this is the way I see my own body and having someone else share this makes me feel normal.

"You are beautiful, sexy and human."

Meanwhile, a fifth person praised: "You make it easier for me to love myself."


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