Bodybuilding gran defies trolls who call her an ‘old hag’ by posting sexy snaps

A bodybuilding gran defies trolls who cruelly call her an “old hag” or say she “looks like a man”.

Charlene Farnsworth pumps iron at the gym up to six days a week and can lift more than people half her age.

The 51-year-old, from Ontario, Canada, is also more savvy on social media than most of us.

She boasts a whopping 155,000 followers and isn’t afraid to flaunt her figure by sharing saucy snaps online.

And despite being married to her husband of 22 years, 50-year-old Mike Farnsworth, Charlene gets a lot of male attention.

The mum-of-two said:"My husband is extremely proud of my accomplishments. He loves the fact that I’ve become so fit and confident.”

She added: “He deals with the admirers very well, knowing that he is the one that gets to go through life by my side.”

While many gush over Charlene’s super-fit pictures, some aren’t a fan of her.

But the fitness star doesn’t let negativity get to her – as shown in a recent post.

In a video posted on Instagram earlier this month, Charlene dresses in skimpy white shorts to address critics.

She said: "To the trolls and haters leaving puke faces… thanks for boosting my engagement.”

Charlene added: "Your opinion means nothing, it just shows your insecurities.

"I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay, just move along. Your attempts at being hurtful just empower me.

“Trying to insult me by calling me old? This is 51, if that’s old, that’s okay, I’ll take it.”

More than 3,400 Instagram users have liked the clip and many have rallied behind the gran.

A commenter said: "You go, girl! They all wish they looked half as good as us in their 50s!"

Another said: "Old? Seriously? You are an inspiration to women everywhere. Be you girl.”

And a third added: "Ignore the haters! You're sexier than women at 25!"

Charlene chooses to focus on these positive responses instead of online hate.

She said: "The comments that I get from people on a daily basis are mostly complimentary.

"But then there are those negative comments from people who call me an 'old hag' or send me puke emojis to tell me I’m ugly.

"A few times I’ve been told I look like a man or they have asked if I’m actually a man.”

The influencer added: “The first time it happened, I let it bother me but then I realised that the more followers I got, the more haters you end up with.”

Charlene, who was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder Hashimoto’s disease after a throat cancer scare in 2011, said the experience has taught her to live life to the full.

She explained: "I care less about others' opinions of me now.

"I’ve learned to always try to look for the positive things rather than the negative.

"I steer clear of people who tend to always be negative, they tend to drag you down.

"Instead, I use the negative comments as fuel to drive me to continue living a healthy lifestyle and representing the over-50 crowd that don’t let our age define us.”

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