Brainteaser challenges puzzlers to spot the ten vehicle safety hazards

Can YOU spot the safety hazards? Brainteaser challenges motorists to pick out 10 mistakes that put them at risk from thieves in less than 49 seconds

  • Tricky new puzzle asks the nation nation to find the ten common security risks 
  • They’re well hidden in a car park scene, so can you beat the 49 second average?  
  • Challenge was created to help raise awareness of popular vehicle safety hazards 

With many of us using our car or motorcycles less due to the lockdown, safety measures can become lax and opportunistic thieves may take advantage.

But a tricky new brainteaser has been put together by Carole Nash to test whether you can spot some of the most common security risks people fall foul to when leaving their vehicle unattended.

The average person takes an impressive 49 seconds to find all ten hazards on both the car and the motorcycle – so, can you beat the average?

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A new brainteaser (pictured), created by Carole Nash, challenges puzzlers to find ten common security risks in a cleverly disguised car park scene

Safety and protection are two very important things for motorcycle, car, and classic car owners to consider during lockdown. 

With more people at home, car and motorcycle owners could face greater risk as thieves ‘window shop’ for vehicles.

The security risks were suggested by experts who know what thieves target and the steps you can take to ensure you are safe and protected as much as possible.

But with the answers cleverly disguised in a car park scene, the challenging puzzle may be harder than you first think.   


If you’re struggling to find the answers, then you can see them above circled in red – including the absence of a lock and broken chain


Absence of Lock

Investing in a disc lock and grip lock is one of the best ways to secure your motorcycle. You can also use a D lock on the front wheel to ensure your bike does not get wheeled away.

Broken Chain

Thieves often steal a bike by breaking the steering lock and wheeling it away. A chain lock through the back wheel is the best way to prevent this (as the front wheel can be removed). Just make sure it is sturdy and doesn’t break easily!

Bike cover has fallen off

Thieves have been known to ‘shop’ for certain models of bikes and using a bike cover can automatically make a motorcycle less attractive. 

It can also add another time-consuming barrier to the theft. Ensure your cover is properly secured, especially in windy weather.

Keys left in

This may sound like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how often this happens! 

Always take your keys with you, even if you’re leaving your motorcycle for just a few minutes.

Fuel cap left unlocked / open

Leaving your fuel cap unlocked can make your bike vulnerable to gasoline theft or fuel system vandalism.



Amongst the other answers hidden on the car includes valuables left inside and the soft top left down (pictured)


Valuables left in car

Thieves are opportunistic – many will damage your car and take any valuables left if they can see them, even if they can’t steal the car.

Soft top left down

If you own a convertible, when you leave your car, always make sure the top is down. An easy-to-access car out on the street is an open invitation to thieves. Plus, if you’re parked under a tree or lamp post, birds don’t care how nice your car is…!

Very old, classic car locks (steering lock)

Many classic car owners, especially with their first car, don’t consider getting their locks changed and instead use classic productions like steering locks. 

However, steering locks can be easily manipulated by thieves – they’ve been dealing with them for decades!

If you are looking to keep the original parts of your car or just keep the vintage feel of those old keys, there are still ways that you can upgrade your locks. 

Consider having an automotive locksmith take a look at your lock and see if there is a way to re-pin (or re-wafer) the cylinder so that it is more secure against theft.

Broken lock / door handle

With older cars, locks and handles can sometimes break from years of wear and tear. 

If this happens, get them repaired as soon as possible – thieves can spot them a mile off.

Improper parking

Improper parking can open your car to unwanted attention. Where you keep your classic car is very important – the greater the security, the better you’ll be protected.

And it’s just the latest in a long line of brainteasers sweeping the web in recent weeks – with the eagle-eyed bird catching the worm in another tricky puzzle. 

People across the UK are being challenged to find the earthworm hidden among the feathered flock in this baffling brainteaser. 

It was created to mark the launch of new website Nest Friends, which helps parents teach children about the variety of birds there are across the UK. 

Each British breed has been turned into a bright, bold character with simplified markings to enable children to easily identify them – but that doesn’t make it any easier to find the pesky worm. 

On average it takes users 30 seconds to find the invertebrate – so, can you beat the record?  

This brainteaser has been created to mark the launch of a new website Nest Friends, it challenges players to spot the worm in the birds 

Rick Oliver, 35, from Kings Hill in Kent, came up with the idea for the website at the start of lockdown. 

He said: ‘Nest Friends is a fun, educational online resource for parents of young children to help them learn about the birds they may see in their gardens, on walks, or out of the window.

‘I created it as a way of keeping young children entertained during the lockdown measures that have been put in place.’ 

If you’re struggling to find the worm, cast your eyes to the left-hand side of the picture. 

Still haven’t managed to spot it? Take a look at the blue and white dotted bird almost halfway down the puzzle.

Still haven’t managed to find the worm? Take a look at the blue and white dotted bird to the centre left of the image – the worm is perched underneath it

Another tricky brainteaser challenges players to spot the names of 18 brands in the mind-muddling image below. 

The say-what-you-see puzzle, created by British online training provider High Speed Training, shows a graphic packed with businesses, all of which were started from home. 

Most people have only been able to spot 11 so-called ‘home-preneur’ businesses – so can you beat the record? 

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This say-what-you-see puzzle is packed with the names of 18 differences but most people can only identify 11. How well will you fare? 

The names of the businesses are all concealed as clever visual clues – and some are easier to decipher than others. 

Players will need lateral thinking in order to guess them all, so spend time over them before you guess. 

For those struggling to name all 18, you can find the answers circled in the graphic above (pictured) 

How many brands did you identify? 

1) Tangle Teezer

2) Card Factory

3) Cambridge Satchel Company

4) Trunki

5) Under Armour 

6) I Saw it First 

7) Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce

8) Amstrad 

9) Amazon 

10) Apple

11) Mattel 

12) Dell 

13) Innocent Drinks

14) Cards against humanity

15) Airbnb

16) Yankee Candles

17) Patak

18) Deliveroo 

Another challenging new seek-and-find puzzle is tasking players with finding the tiny bee among the meadow of flowers. 

The baffling brainteaser shows three different coloured flowers with one small bee hiding somewhere in the picture and was created by ethical online florist Arena Flowers. 

But while many will struggle to solve the difficult brainteaser, could you be the one to set a new record?  

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Arena Flowers has created a floral themed brainteaser which tasks puzzlers to find the bee amongst the flowers 

The challenging graphic was graphic to mark World Bee Day, which will be celebrated on May 20. 

Take a very close look at this field of flowers and try and figure out just where the small bee is hiding.  

Finding it tough? Try looking at the middle of each flower to see if anything is blending into the background. 

If you still haven’t managed to find the bee, try taking a closer look  to the bottom left hand corner of the graphic. 

The bee is hiding blended into the middle of one of the flowers on the bottom left hand side of the image 

Another taxing puzzle challenges players to find the only dog with a diamond ring on its collar. 

The brainteaser, created by British jewellery manufacturer Purely Diamonds, shows dozens of dogs jumping, running and digging in delight. 

But just one of the pups has a precious jewel hanging from a loop on its collar. Can you work out which one it is? 

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 Purely Diamonds has put together a new doggy themed brainteaser that features a hidden engagement ring hanging from one of the pup’s collars 

It comes after research revealed 1 in 10 pet owners now give their precious dogs or cats a central role in their wedding day – with some even trusted to carry the wedding rings down the aisle. 

Take a close look and see if you can find the only dog trusted with the responsibility in this busy scene.

If you’re struggling to solve the brainteaser, try looking at the middle of each collar for one which is slightly longer.

Still not having any luck? The dog is to the right of the centre of the image. 

The dog wearing a diamond ring on his collar (circled)  is located in the middle right of the picture 

Even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers would have struggled to spot the dog wearing the ring

Another new brainteaser challenges players to spot the crayon hidden among a floral wallpaper design.

The baffling puzzle, created by British company Plumbs, is designed to stump even those who frequently play games.  

 Scroll down for reveal 

A new brainteaser created by Plumbs challenges the internet to spot the crayon hidden in a floral wallpaper 

The tricky quiz can perplex even the most eagle-eyed of puzzlers.

If you’re struggling to solve the puzzle, try looking at the branches of each flower for one that looks slightly different. 

And seeing as there’s no record for the quickest puzzler currently set, that means you could be the one to get the fastest time.

A green crayon is hidden among the branches of a flower towards the top right of the image

Another new brainteaser has challenged the nation to see how well they really know the Nineties. 

Reflect Digital has created a say-what-you see graphic in which people are tasked with naming 50 cultural references from the 90s based on visual clues. 

So do you think you know everything about the era? Well, then there’s really no excuse not to get full marks.

But be warned – the current record stands at 12 minutes, so you’d better get your thinking cap on!

Scroll down for reveal

A new say-what-you-see brainteaser (pictured), created by Reflect Digital, challenges people to name the 50 popular things associated with the Nineties

Becky Simms, CEO at Reflect Digital, commented: ‘Our latest game was inspired by a lockdown induced clearout of one of our creative team’s lofts.

‘In the loft, they found a box of Nineties memorabilia and it started their creative mind whirring that wouldn’t it be great to test the nation’s knowledge of the Nineties, an era that many hold so dear.

‘So that was it, challenge set, we wanted to create the hardest Nineties quiz out there, to help entertain the UK whilst staying indoors for the good of the country.’

If you’ve reached your max, then the answers are as follows: East 17, Blur, The Queen’s Nose, Paper Boy, Dream Phone, Walkman, Half Life, SouthPark, Oasis, Friends, Doomy, Steps, Gladiators, Cow & Chicken, Furby, Power Rangers, Spice Girls, Space Jam, Myst, Captain Plant, Mighty Max, Sister Sister, Pulp, Art Attack, Big Breakfast. 

And the most eagle-eyed would also have spotted: The Lion King, Gamesmaster, Salt-N-Pepa, Saved by the Bell, Clueless, Teletubbies, Green Claws, Beanie Baby.

Sooty, Woof, Goldeneye, Lemmings, Rugrats, Funhouse, Goosebumps, Bernard’s Watch, Polly Pocket, Snake, Wolves, Witches and Giants, Dinosaurs, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Worms, Gameboy, Doug and The Demon Headmaster. 

For those struggling to name all 50, you can find the answers labelled in the graphic above (pictured)

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