‘Breathtakingly romantic’ Prince Philip’s ‘strongest public displays of genuine flirting’

Queen and Prince Philip had ‘choreographed routine’ says insider

Documentary Prince Philip: The Bachelor Years on Channel 5 tonight will examine the Duke’s life before his marriage. It will also analysed the huge sacrifice he made to marry the now-Queen when she was a young Princess.

He gave up his foreign titles and became a British citizen.

He also assumed a role in which he would also be ruled by his wife, which for the time was unusual.

Body language expert expanded on this interesting role switch and how it may have impacted their relationship long-term for Express.co.uk.

Judi James claimed Phillip has “promoted his physical dominance” with his body language, and saved his “genuine flirting” for the Queen.

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She said: “Women marrying royalty were (and still are) inevitably seen as lucky to have married their prince. Men, especially old-school alpha males like Philip, tended to be viewed with pity though because the subservient role was seen to compromise their masculinity.

“Which is probably why many of the shots we see of Philip show him promoting his physical dominance.

“He sits higher and taller than his wife in their family photos and his body is often splayed.

“He gazes down at her with an expression of kindly, almost paternal delight while the Queen has always gazed up at her husband with the expression of a love-struck teenager.”

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In fact, the pair have always embodied the romantic dream of a princess and an officer, according to Judi.

She told said: “In an era of films like ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ Philip’s alpha and very dominant body language would have defined him as the perfect romantic hero.

“All of Elizabeth’s power and wealth are swept aside, gazing up at Philip with an expression that suggests the crush that began when she was a young girl watching Philip show off by jumping over tennis nets is still very firmly intact.”

Analysing an image of the pair shortly before their wedding, Judi said: “Philip is a powerful presence here in his full naval uniform, sitting legs splayed and leaning over Elizabeth, gazing down at her to suggest undivided attention.

“These are powerful old-school flirt rituals of the like we might not see once the duke has gone.

“Charles has inherited some of the traits but his ‘dashing’ facial expression involves a puckering and steepling of the brows that suggest much lower levels of self-confidence and higher levels of self-pity.”

Philip saved his flirting for his wife, the expert told Express.co.uk.

“His strongest public displays of genuine flirting, as opposed to rituals of social cohesion, have always been aimed at the Queen, though,” Judi said.

“What modern women might see as a patronising tendency to display very dominant and parental signals of approval and affectionate amusement (her is also rumoured to call HM ‘sausage’) would have appeared breathtakingly romantic to an earlier generation.”

The Queen made a hugely touching gesture to Prince Philip this year, choosing only one picture to take pride of place in her Christmas Speech.

She selected an image of Philip in his younger years.

Usually, the Queen features multiple photos of family members.

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