Brits are creasing at awkward placement as they spot scratch and sniff label

Brits have been left cackling at a 'scratch and sniff' label which looks a lot more X-rated than intended.

Even if you're not a fan of reading magazines, having a flick through for all the freebies is a pastime enjoyed by many.

And one of the perks of the glossy pages is the perfume testers embedded within.

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Nothing beats a good sniff and rub of an upcoming flashy designer spray.

However, these Brits are taking a hard pass with this particular tester due to its very awkward placement.

Although the stunning model was certainly eye-catching, readers couldn't help but spot the 'rub and smell' patch positioned right on her crotch.

"Rub to smell Far Away Rebel & Diva," the between the legs smelly label instructed.

It turns out that Brits on the Casual UK subreddit were not too eager to give the scratch and sniff a go either.

"I’ll pass," the original poster chuckled.

The comment section quickly filled up with Brits labelling the patch as 'gross' whereas others found the faux pas funny.

One person chuckled: "Mate, you’ve ink or something around your nose."

Another user gasped: "Gross placement."

While a third voiced: "My aunt was an Avon seller.

"I loved to rub and smell those catalogues!

"But I have never seen it placed like that…"

Someone else said: "They knew what they were doing."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Reminds me of a swimsuit ad I saw once. Woman in a swimsuit and next to her the words 'suit yourself', except the words were half rising out of the sea so it looked like it said 's**t yourself'.

And this user giggled: "Well it's been awhile.. So can I borrow the page?

"I mean asking for a friend."


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