Brock Lesnar returning to UFC would be a 'debacle' blasts Alistair Overeem in amazing attack on WWE superstar

ALISTAIR OVEREEM believes Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC would be a "debacle" and asked"who cares" about the WWE star.

Lesnar, 43, sparked rumours he could make another fighting comeback after his WWE deal expired.

But 40-year-old UFC veteran Overeem – who beat the crossover star in 2011 – blasted the pro wrestling legend in a scathing attack.

He told TMZ Sports: “He’s 43 years old. To be honest, I don’t think he’s gonna come back.

"The last time he came back, it was a debacle so I don’t think he’s gonna come back.

"I was wrong about the last time though, because I predicted the same thing. It actually did become a debacle, but we’ll see what happens."

UFC president Dana White revealed he would welcome Lesnar back to the octagon to face heavyweight newbie Jon Jones.

Lesnar first retired from fighting in 2011, after losing to Overeem, but made a sensational return four years ago to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200. 

But his comeback win was chalked off and changed to a no-contest after Lesnar failed a pre and post-fight drug test. 

He was on the verge of challenging Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight belt last year, but opted to re-sign with the WWE.

Having marred the UFC's flagship 200th pay-per-view event in controversy, Overeem slammed Lesnar for his contentious past.

He said: "Who cares about Brock? Which fans? He’s not coming back. He’s 43 years old, he’s flunked tests, it’s over with him.

"He’s not coming back. Last time the waived the testing for him and still he got into trouble. It’s been a debacle. He’s not gonna come back.

"Listen, if he does, all hats off to him, but I don’t think he’s gonna come back.”

Despite the UFC opening the door for a comeback, Lesnar's former WWE colleague Chris Jericho tipped him to re-join Vince McMahon's stable.

Jericho told SunSport: "I think that he's happy working in WWE, and I think him and Vince do this little dance every year too where he's not going to work there again, and Vince doesn't want him and then he kind of plays the field a little bit. 

"And then Vince pays him a s***load of money to do minimal work. And I think they're both happy with that. 

"So I don't think Brock is really a free agent. I think he's just not under contract right now.

"I don't think there's any chance of Brock going anywhere. 

"Let me rephrase that, a very small chance of Brock going anywhere, but a very big chance he's gonna end back up at WWE."

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