Can you spot the kitten hidden in this Christmas tree?

A challenge that will be familiar to all pet owners: can you spy this kitten who’s managed to climb inside a Christmas tree?

The kitten in question happens to have snowy white fur, which provides the perfect camouflage in the white-themed Christmas tree in the family home.

The kitten, named Moon, is just 13 weeks old and thinks the 7ft tall tree is the perfect spot to snooze.

Her owner Sarah Nelson McGuinness, 40, disagrees, and often finds herself struggling to track down the tiny cat.

She snapped a photo of one of these camouflaged incidents and shared it online, leaving friends baffled.

So, can you spot Moon in the Christmas tree?

Don’t worry if you’re struggling, we’ll circle that sneaky kitten below – so don’t scroll down if you’re still trying to spot her.

Sarah, a mum-of-two and carer from Liverpool, Merseyside, said: ‘One day, I was looking for Moon and she was nowhere to be found.

‘I checked the tree and couldn’t see her at first as I have white deers and fox teddies on it.

‘She probably wants to be a part of their gang!

‘It is also a white frosted tree which doesn’t help as she is white.

‘Eventually, I saw two little eyes spying on me.

‘I had to take a photo because I couldn’t believe how well camouflaged she was.

‘I shared it online for a bit of fun.

‘Friends have messaged saying “please tell me where is she” because it was racking their brains.

‘Some have spent over ten minutes looking for her and said it is driving them mad!’

Moon is a new addition to the family who loves to clamber around and get into trouble, so it’s no surprise she’s taken such a liking to hiding within the tree.

‘If she isn’t stealing the baubles to play with – she is up the tree,’ said Sarah.

‘She’s fell asleep in it a few times.

‘I do take her straight out when I notice her in the tree because I would hate for her to fall.

‘I think she likes being in the tree because she can see everyone but we can’t see her.’

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