Charlotte Crosby says ‘nobody cares’ about Vicky Pattison in catty dig

Charlotte Crosby has reignited her ongoing feud with Vicky Pattison.

The MTV wild chid couldn't resist taking a catty swipe at Vicky during her podcast Values and Vibrators.

During the show, Charlotte, 31, chatted to her former cast mates Scotty T and James Tinsdale about a possible reunion show for the original line up of Geordie Shore.

While MTV did host a reunion special five years ago titled Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, not all of the original cast agreed to appear on the show.

Charlotte said: "It does make us wish more than ever that we could have a reunion show. Imagine. It would be fun."

After the trio worked out it was over five years since they were all in the same room, Scotty admitted he had doubts everyone would take part if they got the call.

Thinking out loud, Charlotte said: "So say for example Vicky – Vicky would never do it again… I don’t think we really care about that.

"But like Gary [Gaz Beadle] wouldn’t do it and that’s a shame."

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Despite the swipe, Charlotte went on to admitted there were some Geordie Shore stars she'd like to forget.

Charlotte elaborated: "I feel bad for saying this because obviously there are a whole load of people I don’t know, like Beau and Bethan.

"To be honest I wouldn’t mind being in there with Bethan.

"But my core people are you, Scott, James, Aaron, Gary, I can take or leave Kyle, Holly, Ricky, Jay, like all of them people getting back together.

"We’ve all changed so much, that is my core group of people.

“I wouldn’t even mind if Vicky came back but I know she never ever would.”

Scotty T, who didn't join Geordie Shore until series 4 in 2012, was left puzzled why some people would refuse to take part.

Charlotte quickly replied: "I think they move on and they think they’re higher than Geordie Shore now."

Unimpressed, Scotty added: It’s not about being higher, it’s realising what made you because Geordie Shore was everyone’s base."

Charlotte and Vicky have long been locking horns after trading cold words in countless interviews.

Vicky has made no secret she regrets many of her antics on Geordie Shore.

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Last November she told The Sun tat her life simply went in another direction" to other Geordie Shore stars.

She said: "“I have moved away from all of that and we don’t keep in touch like we should.

"Often when you leave jobs you don’t always manage to keep in touch with everybody.

"Your life goes in different directions. Barry from accounts might have seemed super cool at the time, but five days later you’re not always checking in on Barry. It’s a natural progression."

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