Chef’s special ingredient makes roast potatoes crispier and healthier than ever

A professional chef has revealed his delicious rosemary and garlic-flavored roast potatoes – and it is proving hugely popular.

Thomas Straker was due to open his first restaurant back in March 2020. But, when Covid struck, he had to shelve his plans.

Instead, he has taken to Instagram and TikTok to share his recipes and one particular roastie trick has gone viral.

He starts by peeling and cutting up some red potatoes before letting them boil in salted water “until soft” – likely around 12 minutes.

Thomas then suggests removing from the pan and letting them steam for a further 10 minutes.

Once this is done, he gives them a shake to fluff them before putting them in a roasting tray filled with hot rapeseed oil.

According to Good Housekeeping, rapeseed oil gets roasties crispier than the traditional goose fat and is also healthier.

The tatties are then placed in an oven at 220C, turning them after 20 minutes.

While they’re in the oven, Thomas chops up some garlic and rosemary before mixing them with rapeseed oil in a bowl.

Once the potatoes are cooked, he pours over the garlic and rosemary-infused oil – giving it a good stir to make sure they’re covered.

The cook pops them back in the oven for a further minute before plating up and garnishing with rock salt.

Despite only being shared yesterday (February 17), the video has been seen more than 1 million times.

“Oh they look so good,” one wrote. “Sorry you couldn’t open your restaurant. Bide your time. You’re going to be great.”

Another added: “Yum, will try this. We do this method but with apple cider vinegar and sea salt. And got the recipe from here too.”

And a third said: “Is it really bad that I’m sat at my desk this early in the morning drooling because I saw this.”

It comes after a foodie told Daily Star the surprising ingredient to make your roast potatoes that bit nicer.

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