Chris Moyles paranoid over new hair after Vinnie Jones said he looks like Gazza

Chris Moyles is paranoid over his peroxide hair after Cat Deeley and Vinnie Jones said it made him look like Paul Gascoigne.

Ex-footballer Vinnie, who famously grabbed Gazza by the goolies when he played for Wimbledon, was a guest on the Radio X presenter’s show.

The movie hardman, 55, who had previously praised pal Chris on his weight loss, told him: “And now you’ve dyed your barnet, son, so you’re going for the full monty – I think you look like Gazza.”

Chris, 46, replied: "Some would call it a midlife crisis, Vinnie, but I’m starting to think it suits me."

However, when Chris later interviewed TV host Cat, 43, she also claimed his locks reminded her of the troubled ace’s classic Euro 96 look.

She said: “I like your new haircut, it’s a bit of Gazza mixed with a bit of Eminem.”

Chris replied: “You’re the second person that’s called me Gazza this week! I hope that doesn’t continue.”

Talking about his new hairstyle recently, Chris compared his lighter to look to Gary Barlow's platinum blond hair which he famously sported in the 90s during an appearance on Radio X.

He said: 'I wanted to look like Robbie at Glastonbury. I think I’ve ended up looking like Gary Barlow from the Do What You Like video."

Chris admitted his girlfriend Tiff had helped with his transformation.

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He said: "It [my hair] was I will admit and so will Tiff – canary yellow.

"So when it was first done I went to look in the mirror and I literally went 'Oh my god, I don’t recognise myself.

"Like, I don’t recognise myself at all."

"And it freaked me out, and then I kinda went 'I think I like it'.

After his producer James admitted it wasn't as yellow as he thought it would be, Moyles replied: 'Yeah, it’s a bit whiter. It’s less Eminem, more Milkybar Kid.'

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