Coronavirus has triggered my fiancee’s anxiety levels so high she can barely cope – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: Because of her workload, my fiancee’s anxiety levels are sky-high.

Now the coronavirus crisis has turned her into a demon. It’s threatening our relationship.

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We’re in our mid-thirties and she is deputy head teacher.

The pressure is ridiculous, even more so with issues concerning the children of key workers, etc.

She endlessly watches the news and googles developments hourly. It’s made her a mess. We’ve been living together a year and I love her but we are arguing more than ever.

DEIDRE SAYS: So many of us are finding our anxiety levels are going through the roof.

Keep telling her you love her but say your relationship is suffering.

Insist you talk together about agreeing one hour a day when you will catch up with the news together and talk it over.

But also pledge to give one another a soothing daily massage and do some mindfulness relaxation together.

The Headspace app is offering free meditations and exercises called Weathering The Storm. See

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